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Zero Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online


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Zero Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Creator: Menotti

Stars: Giuseppe Dave Seke, Haroun Fall, Beatrice Grannò


Beyond what may be true today and the simplification that drivers, as well as perhaps in full all those who carry out a so-called humble job, are considered nobody (and perhaps not saviors in a pandemic era), and much more strong and shareable assumption that being black or belonging to an underrepresented community means being invisible, Zero quickly shakes off its premises – integration and racial discrimination, social inequality, the representation of a community of second generation Italians and foreigners in Italy or rather in the suburbs of Milan, the theory of broken glass for which degradation gets used to degradation and settling for the worst, the value of the family rediscovered in the closest friends – and, once its conditions are exhausted, it is reduced to an all too fragmented series of sequences, from the romantic scene poker, from meeting with friends to family quarrels, from dangerous situations to more properly action scenes.

Created by Menotti ( They called him Jeeg Robot ) and written by Antonio Dikele Distefano , freely inspired by his novel I never had my age , the new Italian original series Netflix lacks in giving depth to its themes, more than anything else mentioned, and cohesion to the story, supported by a contained minutes of the episodes and by significant musical contributions from the rap scene, not only for the artists included in the soundtrack but above all for the abundance of the songs present that accompany most of the Zero sequences as long video clips musical.

Invisibility as a metaphor to tell a generation of young people who feel invisible, the acceptance of diversity and the beginning of a process of change, starting with a good cast of young actors, newcomers or almost, first and second generation Italians , collide with a narrative that, after having only introduced the story of a community and the theme of the sense of belonging, quickly turns towards the fantastic and action elements of the superhero serial, between origin story and the exercise of superpowers, villains who turn out to be bosses low-ranking, new nemesis and narrative twist that are still based on fragile bases with the intent or better the wish to push the story in new directions to potentially explore in the future.

From the discomfort of being mistaken for the color of the skin in a drug dealer, a vu ‘cumprà, a thief or a servant to becoming the superhero Zero savior of the Barrio in the Milanese suburbs, Omar , played by newcomer Giuseppe Dave Seke , uses his own power, whose access is conditioned by his own emotions, to oppose the plots of a building owner who wants to violently deport the community to which the protagonists belong, after having degraded and depreciated the neighborhood to buy down and redevelop it in a process of gentrification, as he ends up at loggerheads with his father and wonders about his origins, his painful past and that of his missing mother.

As a superhero serial distributed from 21 April in 190 countries around the world, Zero fails to fully capture us through its dynamics and its dreamy dimension, remaining suspended halfway between the fundamental themes of its credible and universal everyday life and the fantastic elements of genre, albeit appreciable, is being promoter of the initiation of a process of change that opens Italian seriality to diversity and to the representation of a multi-ethnic colorblind society, on the wave of the new Netflix original productions which has allocated one hundred million dollars in the next years of making productions oriented towards inclusiveness and diversity.

Zero Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online