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Undercover Season 3 Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online


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Undercover Season 3 Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Undercover is one of the most-streamed non-English series of all time on Netflix. Recently Netflix released a series called “Ferry” and called it a prequel to Undercover. This left the Undercover fans with the question, will there be Undercover season 3 ever going to happen? So, here we are with some exclusive news about it.

Undercover is one of the best non-English crime dramas released to date. If you have watched the first two seasons of the series then I have an idea how eagerly you must be waiting for the Undercover Season 3. So, here we are with the article that will tell you every latest update about the new season of Undercover.

The plot of the crime drama series revolves around two characters Kim and Bob. In season 1 Kim and Bob were sent on an undercover mission in a town that is located on the border of Belgium. The mission was to bust into the drug operation and catch the dealer. Well, both the police officers go undercover as couples to the destination where the drug dealer was spending his weekend. After a lot of drama and action, the dealer was finally put behind the bars, and both the undercover officers started to live their life in different ways.

At the beginning of season 2 of Undercover both the agents were seen doing different jobs. Kim was working as a journalist whereas Bob was still working in the police. Even after working in the different fields both of them find about the illegal arms supply taking place between Syria and Belgium. So, both the partners again go undercover and this time to Syria. They weren’t aware that they are followed by the drug dealer whom they have put behind the bars in the first season.

Now, as per the plot of Undercover season 3, we have seen the drug supply and the illegal arms supply. So, we can expect any other illegal matter that would bring both the partners back together. We can expect the Undercover season 3 to open with Kim going back to her journalist job and Bob continuing his duty towards his batch until a situation arises that demands both of them to work together. According to sources, writers can focus on the chemistry between both partners in this season.

No official statement about the renewal of the series has been made yet. However, there is a very good chance of the Undercover Season 3 to be renewed. Why so? The first reason for its renewal is its global audience appeal despite being a Non-English show. Second is ranked among the top shows as the streamer’s most popular shows in the foreign category. The countries included in this category were the US, the UK, and Latin America.

If we look at the storylines of the show then the first season deals with drugs, second was dedicated to the illegal arms supply. This means the creators target the organized crimes so, you can expect human trafficking or cargo thefts.

The first season of Undercover was released in the year 2019 on Netflix and the second season started streaming after one year in 2020. Tom Waes (Bob) has told in his interview that we can expect the Undercover season 3 release date to be in September 2021. However, due to the covid scenarios, the release date has been postponed and now you can expect the release of Undercover season to be in the second half of 2022.

Undercover Season 3 Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online