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Twentysomethings: Austin Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew


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Twentysomethings: Austin Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew

The pandemic has sent more than a few of us back home or to places we never imagined ourselves, and many are in need of a fresh start. To shake things up for a few young people living places they’d rather not be, Netflix has selected 8 twentysomethings to come live in America’s fastest growing city: Austin, Texas. These are four men and four women ready for a change, figuring out life, love, and career, all while living in close quarters. There’s Natalie, 26, from Miami, who has never been out on her own, and is ready to open herself up to new experiences, while “happy mushroom” Raquel, 26, also from Florida, wants to meet new people and leave behind her hometown. There’s also recently divorced Abbie, 26, from Houston, who really just wants to “live”, and endearingly ditzy Isha, 24, a Berkeley grad who isn’t always in onn the joke.

On the boys’ side, there’s Bruce, 23, from South Carolina, who is looking for love and a new career path, Keauno, 28, from Arkansas, who hopes to live more authentically as a gay man now that he’s in Austin, aspiring comedian Michael, 23, from LA, and dreamy model Kamari, 23, from North Carolina, who hopes to get signed to an agency. The group clicks fairly quickly, grocery shopping together, spending time at the pool, and forming connections both romantic and platonic. Abbie, who is bisexual, hits things off with Kamari, but can’t help but interfere with Bruce and Isha’s budding connection, while Raquel is disappointed to discover that Michael’s interests seem to be elsewhere (namely a 51-year-old woman). Things really start to heat up when the group goes out to a concert one night and the connections are taken a little further. If this is only the beginning, we can’t wait to see where Twentysomethings goes from here.

There are few better options for holiday hangover, sleepy daze binge-ing than a good old fashioned reality show. No serious stakes, no confusing plot lines, just a bunch of hot people in their twenties crammed into two cute houses and endless possibilities. That’s exactly what Twentysomethings has to offer. It doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, doesn’t attempt to throw in crazy curveballs that will change the course of reality TV forever. It also doesn’t avoid its more cringeworthy moments, a choice that really works. This cast of 8 feel like people you know from back home, kids excited about a fresh start in a new place and all the mishaps and adventures that come with it.

While there is no villain on the show just yet (though the confident, assertive Abbie is certainly a contender), the characters they’ve assembled here are certainly interesting. They’ve all got pretty different backgrounds, and they all arrive full of warmth and curiosity; it’s sweet to see them all bond and get to know each other! There doesn’t seem to be a lot of judgment out of the gate, just a crew of twentysomethings trying to find their footing. Will you want to watch some of it through your fingers? (Looking at you, Michael.) Sure. But this is exactly the kind of content many of us crave after an exhausting year; minimal brain power, maximum entertainment. Thank god that’s all Twentysomethings: Austin is interested in giving us.

Twentysomethings: Austin Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew