May 29, 2023

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Transatlantic Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew


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Transatlantic Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew

Ever since the massive success of Money Heist, Netflix has been rapidly expanding its library of international content, especially European original series. With shows like Bordertown, Lupin, Fauda, Dark, etc., the viewership of European series and shows on the network have been on a rise. If you have been a fan of any (or all) of these series, then you might want to watch out for the streamer’s new original, Transatlantic (2023).

Set to arrive this spring, Transatlantic is created by Anna Winger and comes as a part of Netflix’s deal with the writer and producer. The drama series is based on the 2019 novel The Flight Portfolio by Julie Orringer and inspired by real events that took place in Marseilles, France in the early 1940s. Transatlantic tells the story of American journalist Varian Fry who travels to Nazi-occupied France and arranges safe passage for artists and writers to escape to America. Filmed in English, German, and French, Transatlantic is the first project under Winger and Netflix’s deal, and we can expect to see more such international dramas on the streaming platform in the coming months/years.

For everyone who loves period dramas and stories based on real life, Transatlantic is a must-add to your watchlist. As you await the series’ arrival, check out everything we know so far about Transatlantic, including the plot, release date, trailer, cast, and characters.

Transatlantic is created and written by Anna Winger, an American author, screenwriter, producer, and photographer based in Berlin. She is best known for creating the previous Netflix miniseries, Unorthodox, which was released in March 2020 and was the network’s first-ever Yiddish series. She has also created German television dramas like Deutschland 83, Deutschland 86, and Deutschland 89. Winger also serves as a producer for the series along with Camille McCurry. Transatlantic is the first product of Winger and Netflix’s multi-year deal, under her production banner Airlift Productions. Writer and producer Daniel Hendler (Unorthodox) also serves as a co-creator and co-writer on the series.

Various episodes of the series are directed by Stéphanie Chuat, Véronique Reymond, and Mia Meyer. Chuat and Reymond are former actors and collaborators who have previously worked on the award-winning film La Petite Chambre/The Little Bedroom and the television series A Livre Ouvert/Open Book.

The creators of Transatlantic have put together an ensemble international cast for the period drama. Community and Fear Street star Gillian Jacobs and Gotham star Cory Michael Smith are headlining the cast. The cast also includes Corey Stoll, Grégory Montel, Lucas Englander, Ralph Amoussou, Deleila Piasko, and Amit Rahav, among others, in various roles.

Smith features as a Harvard-educated, American journalist who goes to France and tries to save a large group of writers and artists stuck in Europe. His character is based on the real-life journalist Varian Fry who ran a rescue operation in Vichy France, and helped nearly 4000 anti-Nazi and Jewish refugees to escape Europe during the Holocaust. Supporting his character is Jacobs, who plays the role of an American heiress who helps Fry by investing her trust fund into his rescue operation. Her character is based on Mary Jayne Gold, who played an important role in helping many refugees escape Nazi-occupied France. House of Cards and Billions star Stoll features as William Patterson, an American Consul in Marseille who thinks refugees would be an existential threat to America and American values.

In other roles, Amoussou (Marianne) stars as Paul Diallo, Piasko (Agent Hamilton) as Lisa Fittko, and Englander (Catherine the Great) as Albert Hirschmann. Additionally, Israeli actor and Unorthodox alum Amit Rahav stars as Thomas Lovegrove and French actor and Call My Agent! alum Grégory Montel appears in an undisclosed role.

Netflix’s Transatlantic is based on Julie Orringer’s 2019 novel, The Flight Portfolio, which is further inspired by the real-life events of 1940-1941 in France. The Netflix series is a dramatized, fictionalized representation of these true events.

In 1935, Harvard-graduate journalist Varian Fry visited Berlin as a foreign correspondent and witnessed the horrifying treatment by the Hitler regime, which he wrote about later. After the occupation of France in 1940, Fry, with the help of his friends and the support of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (who coincidentally was played by another Gillian in Showtime’s The First Lady), formed the Emergency Rescue Committee/ERC to help refugees. He went to Marseilles with three thousand dollars and a plan to save some artists, intellectuals, and writers. Fry ended up staying in Marseilles for over a year, raising funds, arranging false documents, and arranging safe passage for people through Spain and Portugal. The long list of people he managed to save included Hannah Arendt, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Wilhelm Herzog, Jacques Hérold, and Marc Chagall, among many others. Fry later became the first American to be named “Righteous Among the Nations” by Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Museum.

Transatlantic follows journalist Varian Fry and heiress Mary Jayne Gold in Nazi-occupied France in 1940. While hiding out in a French villa and risking their lives, the duo put together a gang of young heroes and plan a rescue operation to help refugees escape the country. Despite being surrounded by mortal danger and in a race against time to save people, the group experiences unexpected friendships, forbidden love, and unimaginable courage.

Transatlantic Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew