August 8, 2022

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Entertaining Movies

Too Stupid to Die Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

Too Stupid to Die Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Too Stupid to Die Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

Creator: David Harris, Zach Holmes

Stars: Chad Tepper, Zach Holmes

Review: When Zach Holmes was a Hobart High School freshman, he set himself on fire.He bundled himself in several layers of clothing, doused himself with flammable liquid, and lit a match. Poof!“It was extremely dangerous and I wouldn’t advise anyone else to do it,” Holmes told me. “It could have turned out very bad. But hey, I didn’t get burned.”

Holmes didn’t get burned that time, but he has on several other occasions with similar fiery stunts. He also has suffered a few concussions, a broken leg, a lost tooth, sprained body parts and a lot of physical pain.“I definitely have a high threshold for pain. But things still hurt,” he said. “At the end of the day, it’s all for comedic entertainment. Holmes’ homemade stunts are in the slapstick spirit of Curly Howard from the Three Stooges and Philip John Clapp, aka Johnny Knoxville, star of the popular TV show “Jackass,” which featured similarly stupid but hilarious stunts.

Holmes’ dangerous stunts and silly pranks over the past decade have led to a TV show, “Too Stupid to Die,” premiering 10 p.m. Tuesday on MTV. He is producer and star of the show, filmed entirely in Northwest Indiana and central Indiana.

Holmes, who was born and raised in Hobart, personifies every negative stereotype of Hoosiers as backwoods bumpkins, both in his underground videos and on his new MTV show. He doesn’t mind one bit. He found his one-way ticket out of “Da Region.”

“Let’s face it. There’s not much going on in Indiana, so we wanted to make our own fun,” Holmes said from his home in Los Angeles, where he has lived since last year. “There’s definitely a lot of sweat, blood and tears that has went into this TV show.”

He means this literally, not figuratively.Holmes, who’s 26, is a do-it-yourself daredevil who’s been a frequent flier in emergency rooms. No stunt is too dangerous. No prank is too stupid. No injury is too risky.From snapping a rat trap to his nose, to using a power drill to insert a metal screw into his earlobe, to dropping a washing machine from a second-story window onto one end of a teeter-totter so the other end hits him in the crotch.

“It’s going to be great,” Holmes said moments before falling to the ground in agony.“Oh my God, that was (expletive) cool. It lifted me off the ground, dude,” he told his crew of friends while still writhing in pain.Holmes has done multiple stunts causing repeated pain to the same area. Why?“It’s my war on fertility,” he jokes in one video. “I (expletive) hate kids.”

When Holmes was a kid, he began video recording his own stunts and skits. You name it, he tried it. The cameras kept rolling and haven’t stopped.

Holmes and his crew have filmed stunts at the Ace Hardware store in Lake Station, at the local paintball blast camp, and at several sites in Hobart.

His friends have dumped a bucket of horse manure on Holmes’ face while he was napping. “What the (expletive)!” Holmes yelled while vomiting.

Holmes has placed two stun guns to his face, pulled both triggers, and immediately dropped to the floor. Thump!

He has shot himself in the face at point blank range with a paintball gun, instantly losing a tooth in a bloody sink. And he has been struck in the face with a fluorescent light bulb wielded by his friends driving in a car.

“This is a horrible idea,” he said beforehand.

It was, but it made a funny video and that’s all that matters.

His collection of videos and his new MTV show hit us in the collective gut. There’s no thought process while watching them. I defy you not to laugh or cringe while watching his stunts. You either can’t see enough of them or you can’t tolerate just one of them.

There is no middle ground, just as there is no middle ground with Holmes’ stunts. It’s all or nothing, featuring or exploiting (depending on your attitude) the fascinating subculture of hee-haw Americans in the Hoosier heartland.

My words don’t do justice to Holmes’ daredevil stunts. It’s like trying to describe pain without ever feeling it. You need to watch his videos, which have made him an online sensation, if not for all the stupidest reasons.

As MTV warns viewers: “Warning: The stunts and the pranks you are about to witness are performed by professionals. Don’t be a moron.”

Holmes’ crew includes Coty “The Screamer,” Meggan “Hell On Wheels,” Tommy “Most Redneck,” Chad “Tattooed Teddy Bear,” Damon “Human Trashcan,” Khyler “Mr. Fearless,” and Chad “The Instigator.”

An MTV press release states: “In the debut episodes, viewers are introduced to rural Indiana where this amateur stunt crew has nothing better to do with their time than take rat traps to the face, dodge golf carts, set off explosives, practice public archery and open a dangerous kissing booth, just for starters.”

Holmes told me that the final product of eight 30-minute episodes looks “amazing,” with extra video material to boot. “There’s a lot of stuff that didn’t make it into these first eight episodes,” he noted.

“Too Stupid to Die,” is produced by the indie digital studio Gunpowder & Sky, founded by Van Toffler, the former executive at Viacom, which produced the lucrative “Jackass” TV series, related movies and “dumb and dangerous” spinoffs.

Holmes’ grandmother, Susan Greener, who helped raise him in the absence of his deceased mother, appears in every MTV episode.

“She was also born and raised in Hobart,” said Holmes, who will be at the Video Music Awards in New York City on Monday to promote “Too Stupid.”

At one point in the show, with a long metal screw still drilled into his earlobe, Holmes asked his friends, “Dude, what am I doing with my life?”

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Too Stupid to Die Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online