The Young Offenders Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online


The Young Offenders Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

Creator: Peter Foott

Stars: Alex Murphy, Chris Walley, Jennifer Barry

Review: I didn’t know about The Young Offenders movie until I seen it pop up on Netflix, Gave it a watch and was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed it, but the T.V. show is one of those rear occasions where the spin off is actually better. The cast are all strong characters and really suck you in , You gain a fondness for them all , The 2 Lads play a blinder and Hillary Rose is absolutely brilliant , it is great to see her finally get the recognition she deserves.Amazing how Cork is such a integral part of the show and P.J. Gallagher is hilarious as always ,I think the whole cast where cast perfectly and all do a excellent job,I have enjoyed previous Michael Doherty work republic of telly and the brilliant Horse Outside ,Rubber Bandits video .

Its on of those rare moments in t.v. where it all works and I didn’t think it would. Id say they had some craic making it as I think that comes across how they all believed in it too. My Wife and I actually got teary eyed a few times,T.V. at its best Cant wait for Season 2 My Favorite Irish T.V. show of the year 10 out of 10 You wont be disappointed.

Watched the movie when it first came out almost 18 months ago, and i thought that was it, and i remember telling myself that this is so good it should become a series on BBC or something, and just like that my wish came true 😀

The movie was just amazing and had a big buzz in the UK and Ireland ,, and on the same pace with the same plot, same characters the series just kept up the stroge, fast and amazing comedy, with the same strong hilarious script by Peter Foott, which i believe this project is his first “real” big gig , and man he took this opportunity and owned it.

Apart from the plot, the Cast is still amazing, well engaged and All of them, literally all of them have his/her role to be hilarious . from these two lovable rogues Conor and Jock to the mom, the girls, the school principle , the cop and Billy Murphy , lol ,who poped in the finale 😀

The 1st series ended last week, but still no news for renewal ,, yet i wouldn’t sweat it, because i have faith in BBC to do the right thing in here.

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The Young Offenders Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

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