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The Wedding Coach Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online


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The Wedding Coach Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Boom time for reality TV weddings. Just when I thought I’d shaken Ines from Married at First Sight: Australia out of my life for ever, Netflix comes out fighting with Marriage Or Mortgage and The Wedding Coach (from Wednesday). That’s in addition to the exemplar of wedding TV (Don’t Tell the Bride) and the constant drone of wedding TV (the looming infinity of Say Yes to the Dress) and every finale of every season of every sitcom ever, where someone gets married while the funny character tries to upstage them (I have been rewatching a lot of the American Office). Old dads proudly walking daughters down the aisle, the electric crackle of a potential hook-up between best man and bridesmaid, the permanence of making a bad decision in front of God and your mum: weddings, we cannot get enough of them.

And so to The Wedding Coach, Netflix’s latest toe in the water. Here’s the format, in Netflix’s now tried-and-true glossy TV formula (Netflix now knows how to make you watch eight consecutive episodes of anything, a superpower it isn’t afraid to use): comedian and married person Jamie Lee gently coaches a couple through the last few tricky days in the lead-up to their wedding, solving exactly two small issues they’re contending with – a bride has promised both of her maids of honour a chance to have a speech! A groom has for some reason become obsessed with putting out party games for their guests! – really quickly and easily. The moral of the story is simple: every wedding is imperfect, so stop stressing about it and get on with it. It’s fun! It’s a fun little bit of TV.

The thing with wedding television, for me personally, is I am here to watch failure: I love Don’t Tell the Bride because, 40% of the time, the couple absolutely should not be in a relationship with each other, and I like to watch that unfold over an hour. Good wedding telly taps into the same dark part of me that Grand Designs does: the temerity of normal people thinking they deserve perfection, the fundamental cracks in relationships, people ruining their own financial situation for years to come for absolutely no reason. The Wedding Coach doesn’t really scratch that itch, because it’s just very nice: very in-love people who are a bit stressed with their wedding doing a couple of reality set-pieces with a very likable comedian. There’s no jeopardy there for me to hold on to! There’s no threat of a break-up to keep me hooked!

Then I found myself watching, like, four more episodes, and there you go: once again, like Queer Eye before it, I have been sucked into a reality format where fun-but-firm people (Jamie Lee has that “Jonathan Van Ness charisma”, in that I am glad both of them use their power for good, because if they used it for evil, they could talk me into, say, raiding a bank or muling heroin) tell other nice people how to get their lives together, and then they do it, and everyone is happier as a result. Yes, it would be more dramatic to watch two 24-year-olds who have been dating since secondary school enter into a doomed marriage in the middle of the groom’s favourite rugby stadium. But it wouldn’t be that nice, would it?

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The Wedding Coach Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online