The Suicide Squad 2021 Movie Review
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The Suicide Squad 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online


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The Suicide Squad 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Director: James Gunn

I’m so much lucky that I got to see the movie so early, many many thanks to my you tuber friend John.

Now let me come to the movie,, As I said in the title, the movie was full of life and colour. You can just pause the movie at any time, take a screenshot and it could be a great wallpaper for your PC. I was just looking at the screen and just thinking how the hell did James made this movie, maybe with magic… I didn’t get bored for one second. The movie just attaches you with it. But, don’t get so attached, ’cause you’ll fall in love with the characters and you’ll have to see them suffering.

Before 30,35 minutes from the ending you could think that, okay, it was a great experience, but now maybe it needs to be end. But just wait a few more minutes, you’ll just shock and then you’ll never want it to be end. You’ll say I want more. The actions were so unique and dramatic. I loved the chemistry between the characters especially Bloodsport and his daughter( and it was far better than deadshot & his daughter’s story from the first movie). And King Shark, oh my goodness, he was just great, he was just bringing life to the movie with his every appearances. You can just see that the actors worked so hard for their rolls.

It wasn’t like a DC movie or any kinda movie attached to a superhero universe. It can stand by it’s own. It was a totally different experience, a much much better experience than other DC movies. I hope it joins the Billion dollars club ’cause it’s worth it. I am sure you’ll never get bored by this movie doesn’t matter how many times you watch it.

At last, l can say to james gunn that he just changed DC by this movie. Thank you very much.

The Suicide Squad 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online