The Spanish Princess Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online


The Spanish Princess Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

Stars: Charlotte Hope, Aaron Cobham, Elliot Cowan

Review: The lives of the Tudors and the six wives of Henry VIII have been heavily trodden in pop culture, but The Spanish Princess is here to throw all her suppositions out the window.

As evidenced by the exclusive trailer above, the series follows a young Catalina de Aragón (Charlotte Hope) who comes to England determined to fulfill her destiny of becoming Queen, no matter the cost. “Nobody has written about her when she was a young woman, and she is always characterized as being the unwanted old bag, but she was an incredible character,” co-showrunner Emma Frost told EW. “She is actually a very modern character … It was exciting to tell the story of this woman who was so determined to forge her own destiny.”

Hope echoes this sentiment, saying that this role gave her a new perspective on someone she thought she knew about the history classes that were growing in Britain. “I did not know anything about Catherine when I was younger and I was really excited because there is a young woman who is really powerful, strong and passionate, and I have never known that side of her,” she tells EW. “It’s really interesting when you take a period of history that people think they know and show them a completely different version.”

The series, which premieres May 5 on Starz, is based on Philippa Gregory’s novels The Constant Princess and The King’s Curse, which follow the lives of Aunt Maggie Pole of Catherine and Henry (Laura Carmichael) respectively. Since the explosive success of The Other Boleyn Girl, Gregory has unearthed the inner life of numerous historical women, which Frost has previously brought to television with The White Princess and The White Queen by Starz.

“She’s digging up stories of untold women and if you look at the history books, the women are completely eliminated,” said the work of Frost of Gregory. “The story is a story of what many successful white men did, and [Philippa] does the leg work and really delves into these forgotten stories. For most of these women, all that exists are small fragments. All we know is when they were born, when they died, how many children they had and with whom they got married. But what she does from those few details is to spin a narrative. ”

The actor Ruairi O’Connor, who plays the young Prince Harry before becoming Henry VIII, emphasizes how crucial the female point of view is to understand Harry’s story. “When the story leans so much towards the male point of view, it does not completely represent the male point of view either,” he explains. “It is a very selective account of the story and tell the story of Henry VIII without going through his grandmother Margaret Beaufort and his mother, who was incredibly important to him, and his first early romance with Catherine of Aragon. later “.

The Spanish princess tries to illuminate lesser-known stories. The series also focuses on the lives of people of color in Tudor England, particularly members of the Spanish court who traveled with Catherine. In addition to telling the story of Catherine’s early days in England, the death of her first husband, Prince Arthur (Angus Imrie) and her intoxicating romance with Henry, we see the true story of the ballet maker Oviedo (Aaron Cobham) and Catalina of Cardones. (Stephanie Levi-John), an African-Iberian woman who served as Catherine’s maid of honor for 24 years.

We all know the story of Henry VIII as a tyrannical despot who made his way through six wives, but the Spanish princess is Catalina’s story. And it is the true story of their romance, one that lasted more than twenty years before Anne Boleyn entered the scene. “It was a true love story between the two of us, and I had no idea about that,” says Hope. “He really was really obsessed with her and did everything he could to get her.”

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The Spanish Princess Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

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