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The School Nurse Files Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

The School Nurse Files

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The School Nurse Files Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Stars: Yu-mi Jung, Joo-Hyuk Nam, Dylan J. Locke

Netflix Philippines shared official poster of The School Nurse Files on September 2, less than a month before its release.

The poster showcase Nam Joohyuk and Jung Yumi side by side with jellyfish around them, that can only be seen by Jung Yumi’s character, with city of Seoul at the back.

The way the two hold each other’s hands gives a perfect highlight to how they will fight together.

According to its writer, Chung Serang, “I wanted to write a story about good-hearted adults who wish to protect minors without expecting anything in return.”

She added, “I wanted to share some warmth to all of the lonely people everywhere through this new world where imperfect Ahn Eunyoung and Hong Inpyo meet.”

Mark your calendar now, September 25!

Netflix’ fantasy series The School Nurse Files starring Nam Joohyuk and Jung Yumi dropped new video teaser on August 24.

The clip showed how the school nurse named Ahn Eunyoung (Jung Yumi) starts her unusual day at school, fulfilling her task to help others without being known.

There is this world that the only one who can see is her where jellies are everywhere; these are the representation or byproducts of greed which some of these are harmful and some are harmless.

She fights with all the contaminated jellies everyday and one day, it become a much dynamic battle when Hong Inpyo arrived.

He is a Chinese Characters teacher possessing special powers but also extremely protective.

When he was young, he got into a car accident which causes him to walk with a pronounced limp.

Later on, they will join forces to protect the school using their special abilities.

The School Nurse Files will officially premiere on September 25 on Netflix.

The online streaming service providing platform, Netflix, recently confirmed the release of one of its upcoming original series, The School Nurse Files. The series will be releasing on September 25, 2020. The posters of the characters of Ahn Eun-Young and Hong In-Pyo have also been revealed. Ahn Eun-Young is a school nurse, with special powers to see those supernatural Jellies that everyone else can not see. She discovers some disturbing occurrences at her new school and solves those mysteries, along with the help of the Classical Chinese teacher Hong-In-Pyo.

The Jellies are nothing but invisible blobs of greed that are unleashed when Hong-In-Pyo accidentally breaks their containment seal in the basement of the school. Eun-young is a school nurse who is the only one capable of seeing the jellies. She faces the greatest challenges of her life when she battles with these supernatural creatures. Fortunately, she discovers that Hong-In-Pyo has a special energy that protects her and recharges her powers. With the help of the man who was the cause as well as the cure, she wages war against the Jellies to defend the students and the school.

The School Nurse Files | Korean Drama Release Date Announced by Netflix
The fun and the magical world of the School Nurse Files will be explored by the amazing team of Ahn Eun-young and Hong In-Pyo. The character posters reveals each of the actor surrounded by colorful Jellies. Ahn Eun-young was fighting a lonely battle against the world of jellies that no one else can see. Hong In-Pyo is very curious by nature, and he readily steps into the fight to help. As the grandson of the founder of the school, he is dedicated to protecting it. There is a tension between these two awkward characters who are thrown together by circumstances, and in the process, they must become a complete and efficient jelly-fighting team.

The School Nurse Files is a quirky fantasy series, which is directed by Lee Kyoung-mi(Crush and Blush) and The Truth Beneath. It was written by Chung Se-rang, who was also the author of the original novel that the series is based on, will be available only on the streaming platform, Netflix.

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The School Nurse Files Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online