The New Pope Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online
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The New Pope Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online


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The New Pope Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

Stars: Jude Law, Stefano Accorsi, Javier Cámara

Review: A first-sight image of Paolo Sorrentino’s television series “The New Pope” has been published and shows John Malkovich and Jude Law wearing papal clothing, which seems to confirm rumors that Malkovich will play the new pontiff. The show is currently shooting in Venice.

Sky, HBO and Canal Plus have also announced that “Homeland” star Mark Ivanir has joined the cast of “The New Pope,” as well as veteran British actor Henry Goodman (“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”); Ulrich Thomsen from Denmark (“The blacklist”); and the Italian Massimo Ghini (“No Place Like Home”). The details are kept secret about their roles in the limited series of eight episodes, which is not, strictly speaking, a second season of “The Young Pope.”

Malkovich’s casting had been previously announced. It is also widely reported that Sharon Stone is a guest star on “The New Pope,” but a representative of the production company Wildside declined to comment on Wednesday.
Conceived as an anthology series something like “Fargo” and “True Detective”, which changed the releases in their second seasons but retained elements and some characters from the first season, “The New Pope” will also present cast members returning from “The Young Pope”, Said an HBO statement. They include Cecile de France as marketing executive of the Vatican Sofia; Ludivine Sagnier as wife of a Swiss guard, who is a fervent papal fan; and Silvio Orlando as the shameful and manipulative Cardinal Voiello.

The filming of “The New Pope” began in Rome in November, then moved to the US. UU And it is currently underway in Venice, where “The Young Pope” had its final open. The production will return to Rome. No issue date has been established.

Written by Sorrentino with his regular classmate in Italy, Umberto Contarello, who was also a co-author on “The Young Pope” and with Stefano Bises (“Gomorra”), “The New Pope” is a Sky-HBO channel More original produced by Lorenzo Mieli and Mario Gianani for Wildside and co-produced by Haut et Court and Mediapro. Fremantle will be the global distributor of the show.

“The Young Pope”, created by Sorrentino and produced after he won the Oscar in a foreign language for “The Great Beauty,” debuted on Sky in October 2016 and then on HBO in January 2017. Law received a Globe nomination I pray for your work in the show. The series has been broadcast in 150 territories.

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The New Pope Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online