The Mechanism Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online
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The Mechanism Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online


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The Mechanism Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Creator: José Padilha

Stars: Caroline Abras, Enrique Diaz, Jonathan Haagensen

Review: Before I start my review take this as a fact; this is nothing like City of God, neither Elite Troop even using some actors from both shows. Being that said, you should expect a heavy and complex plot about Brazilian political scenary since the begining of the operation Lava Jato, with politicians, corporations, public institutions that actually exist and are part of the huge corruption scheme in Brazil. For example, MFP, Polícia Federativa, Petrobrasil, Miller & Brecht and many others.

After being completely seduced by this show, you will be caught thinking on how corrupt you were in your “small” acts in your daily life and how you could not be a bad example like those corrupt politicians. Of course it’s not a completely accurate series, and what really disturbed me more was the fact that the delegado federal is represented by 2 persons wich actually do the work of agents! The Delegados are much more like the masterminds behind the scene, the experts in criminal law and who structure the case so the MPF can represent in court to the federal judge. they do not chase proof like that in the show, so, it’s a dramatical change so the series would not be too much in the office, since there are no shots or fights in this show.

To finally end my review, I must create an index to you of the more important government institutions in the show and what they do in a brief way. 1- Polícia Federal -> They investigate and create the case to be represented after by MPf in court. 2- MPF -> they take the case from Federal Police and take it to the justice (federal court) making accusations based in the criminal law, producing more proofs and making deals when necessary. 3- Federal Court/ Judge -> judge the MPF’s case, accept the order for some proofs like telephone tapping and many others and all the things a normal judge would do. So, as you can see, things are not that easy to be done here, all because we respect our constitution wich preserve the due process of law.

This series talks about a very polarizing and hot topic in Brazil. The Car Wash investigation is still ongoing, and nearly half the country believes some of its allegations are “fake news”. As a result, despite the show’s bipartisan view, many party loyalists are furious about the show and have flooded it with 1 star ratings and bad reviews. On the other hand, people who agree with the show’s message are giving it an overly good rating without judging the actual quality of the show.

Overall, the show follows the same formula as Padilha’s more famous Narcos, so if you’re a fan, chances are you will enjoy this one as well. The only difference is the lack of action-packed gun fight scenes and focus on politics and money laundering, but the narration and the police investigation aspects are still there. The show really takes off after the end of episode 2, where it loses the introductory aspect, so I recommend making it past those first episodes before making any conclusions.

The show does not portray any of the real life persons and parties as super heroes. In fact, it has an openly anti-ideology overall message, and every character in this show has significant flaws, so personally it’s really hard for me to believe this show would be somehow biased towards any party or ideology. My guess is if you believe the facts involving the car wash operation are legitimate, and don’t happen to be loyal to any of the people who inspired the show, you’ll find this a great political thriller with interesting characters (some entirely fictional, some based on real people) and beautiful cinematography of multiple Brazilian cities.

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The Mechanism Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online