February 5, 2023

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The Girls at the Back Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew

The Girls at the Back

The Girls at the Back Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew

Spanish filmmaker Daniel Sánchez Arévalo makes the leap to television series with Las de la Última Row . In his own intimate and thoughtful comedy vein, he presents a brilliant series . On September 23, the Netflix platform arrives with a delicious and moving feminist work. That makes you want to cry, dance and laugh at the same time, like life itself. And always together.

Five adult women who have been friends since childhood maintain their friendly ties over time. Every year they make a trip where they meet again , and return to the same starting point. Where everyone shares their lives and supports each other. The escape represented in the series is triggered by different circumstances. One of them has cancer .

However, even if the elephant in the room is the cancer, it is not the cornerstone of the plot of The Last Row . What is relevant is not that, but that life is the greatest journey. Savor each bite putting all your senses into it. And what better than sharing that banquet with your best friends since childhood ? With your companions from the last row.

The soundtrack that livens up the trip is perfectly selected. Among all the songs that put music to each vital moment represented, those of Rigoberta Bandini are the ones that sound the most . And also one of the ones that best fit the plot line. A singer who, with songs like Perra or Ay Mamá , has also become an unquestionable feminist icon.

As Bandini says, the protagonists of the series by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo stop the city. Life seems to stop for a few hours while you sit down to share their journey with them. Because viewing The Last Row consists of that, in sharing and empathizing with five unique women . Nowadays we have the need to let go of ballast, to stop and enjoy every detail that surrounds us and happens. Life is a kinesthetic experience that should not go unnoticed.

Olga, Alma, Sara, Carol and Leo are five best friends . Their lives can perfectly be a reflection of your realities. Nothing far from possible. Not too convoluted. But a reflection in the form of a beautiful prism that outlines problems, circumstances, happy situations and many other circumstances that are the ones that end up shaping each person. It is impossible to get off the screen and stop laughing with them. The entire script written by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo for The Last Row is as addictive as adrenaline . Like the adrenaline generated by the simple fact of living.

However, this would have been impossible without the stellar work of its five leading actresses. Each one is impeccable in their interpretation of her, separately and together. Because the connection that exists between them goes beyond fiction, and the screen.

Olga is played by Godeliv Van den Brandt , an actress who has gone unnoticed in Spanish cinema, but has been perfectly chosen for her role in the series. She though she had a supporting role in mainstream series like Valeria . It is in this leading role where she shines by her own light.

The second essential piece that makes up Las de la Última Row is Alma, performed by Monica Miranda . This actress, recently known for the TVE series Dos Vidas , also reaffirms herself with this work. Her interpretation is irreplaceable, as well as her looks . Without needing to say a word, the actress is able to transmit to the audience from the most honest unconscious smile, to the tear that escapes without warning.

Another actress, Maria Rodríguez Soto , had one of her best roles in The days to come (Carlos Marqués-Marcet, 2019). An intimate and moving film where the actress developed her own pregnancy in front of the camera, together with her real husband David Verdaguer . A brilliantly immersive and emotional experience. In this series, her role takes a 180º turn, showing what a great actress she is. Chameleonic and outstanding .

On the other hand, Mariona Terés plays Leo. Known for his roles in acclaimed series like Veneno (Atresplayer, 2020). However, in The Last Row he leaves the secondary role and unquestionably places himself in the foreground. Providing the necessary touch of humor to turn the Netflix series into a plate of sensational and heterogeneous flavors .

Finally, the last essential piece of the quintet is one of the favorite actresses of the filmmaker Jonás Trueba . Which embodies the role of Sara. Itsaso Arana is already perfectly known for her impeccable performances in La Virgen de Agosto (Jonás Trueba, 2019) or La Reconquista (Jonás Trueba, 2016). She had also previously worked with Daniel Sánchez Arévalo in his film Seventeen (2019). In The Last Row , she again demonstrates her great potential without disappointing.

Rigoberta Bandini in her song Julio Iglesias sings the phrase: “We kissed with life and our gums bled”. And it is that life has a bittersweet taste . And all the pleasure that the most anticipated kiss can bring you, can also give you an unpleasant aftertaste. Life is made up of ups and downs. Of moments full of laughter and tears. But the most important thing is that the pleasure experienced in living it always remains in the memory .

One of the most enriching aspects of life is music. Dancing is even considered therapeutic in certain ways. And it is that getting carried away by the chords of a song is one of the greatest shared pleasures. Alone or accompanied. In the case of the series by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, the music is a touch of color essential to the narrative . In the same line, accompanying and also building each sequence of Las of the last row . With songs selected with precision and care. Diegetic and extradiegetic soundtrack that generates an immeasurable enveloping affective atmosphere.

The cult film and feminist symbol Thelma and Louise (Ridley Scott, 1991) was an example of unquestionable sisterhood . From then until now, multiple audiovisual works have addressed this conception.

Films like The Hill Where the Lionesses Roar (Luàna Bajrami, 2021) are a sorority piece with survival as its fundamental basis. In the case of the new Netflix series, sorority is breathed in each episode, at all levels . The friendship between the five leading women is as real as it is moving. With its lights and shadows, without pastel brushstrokes that sweeten a realistic relationship of friends.

The series The last row is pure truth. It’s the beautiful result of letting the characters unstoppably evolve. Both independently and together. The narrative formula is exquisite. And the constructed sequences are all genuine . Each episode leaves a taste in your mouth that encourages you to continue watching the next. Looking for more honest laughs. Of tears that purify.

“We woke up happy, and we don’t care what you think”, Rigoberta Bandini and Amaia sang, reconstructing the traditional song by Miliki and the Clowns on TV. Because today’s girl has to dance . And we women have to dance. At our own pace, without chains and with whoever we want.And shout very loudly, to the point of screaming that “feet, why do I love you, if I have wings to fly” (Frida Kahlo).

The Girls at the Back Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew