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The Enemy Within Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online


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The Enemy Within Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

Creator: Ken Woodruff

Stars: Jennifer Carpenter, Morris Chestnut, Raza Jaffrey

Review: Everything in life is fluid. Yesterday’s adversary is today’s comrade and offers rejected a year ago are god send tomorrow. Change in the only constant and we must accept and mold ourselves to go with the flow. The Enemy Within TV Show on NBC follows an incarcerated former CIA operative and an FBI agent as they find a good reason to work together, in spite their reservations.

The Enemy Within series follows a former CIA operative Erica Shepherd and FBI Agent Will Keaton. A brilliant former CIA operative, Erica was branded as the most notorious traitor in recent American history and is incarcerated in a supermax prison.

Will Keaton is loath to establish contact with her. But with nowhere else to go and non one else to turn to, Will enlists Erica to track down and capture a n elusive criminal she knows too well.

Will Keaton also goes against Heffron when he agrees to work with Erica. Grief Stricken father of his dead fiance, the two men are bonded by their shared loss. Heffron struggles to accept Keaton’s willingness to work with former CIA agent, Erica Shepherd, the person responsible for his daughter’s death.

Assisting him in his hunt is Anna Cruz, an ambitious CIA analyst enlisted by Will. Cruz’s arrival will test the limits of the unprecedented partnership between Keaton and former CIA Deputy Director turned traitor, Erica Shepherd.

We had high hopes from Enemey Within, but the pilot episode turned out to be too predictive and was peppered with overacting. Looked like Agent got everything by just throwing chair and tantrums in front of suspects trained to resist interrogation.

Although predictable, all the aces also seemed to have opened up in the first episode itself. So it gives some hope that there will be better and more intricate plot twists in the next few episode. Otherwise it is in danger of becoming just another action series with a chase, devoid of any thrill of surprise.


Take a peek at what’s in store this week with the episode guide of The Enemy Within NBC show.

Episode 1

Shepherd is brought out of a federal Supermax prison by FBI Agent Will Keaton to help stop some of the most dangerous acts of espionage threatening the United States today.

Episdoe 2

When a former CIA operative is murdered, Keaton enlists Shepherd to help recover valuable intel that could take down Tal once and for all. But the question remains, can Shepherd be trusted?

Episode 3

Following the discovery that a U.S. ambassador is selling classified intelligence to a Colombian cartel, Shepherd devises a plan to catch him that will push Keaton’s moral code to the brink. Keaton brings a new member on to the team.

Episode 4

When intelligence obtained by Shepherd during her stint at the notorious ADMAX prison is linked to a pending attack on U.S. soil, Keaton and the Cointel team embark on a manhunt to find and stop a deadly international operative. Keaton confronts questions of loyalty and betrayal when it comes to Anna Cruz and his late fiancée’s father, Thomas Heffron.

Episode 5

Once Shepherd convinces Keaton that Anna Cruz is a mole inside the FBI working for Tal, Keaton decides to keep his enemies close. With a fox in their henhouse, Keaton and the team spy on one of their own hoping Cruz will lead them to Tal.

Episode 6

After a bomb explodes in Jersey City, the Cointel team captures a key planner, Sam Fathi, who can lead them to Tal, the mastermind behind the bombing. When Sam proves difficult to break, Shepherd convinces Keaton to detain a former Egyptian intelligence officer to help, leading to an urgent mission to stop another bomb from going off.

Episode 7

When the FBI intercepts stolen NSA software intended for Tal, Keaton uses the technology as an opportunity to go on the offensive and sends Shepherd undercover to pass the technology to the intended recipient, a 19-year-old computer genius. Keaton must choose between catching Tal or saving the life of an innocent teenager.

Episode 8

Flashbacks to the past reveal the fateful events that led CIA Deputy Director Erica Shepherd to betray her country and the ensuing investigation that put her on a collision course with Will Keaton.

Episode 9

After a major Tal operative escapes CIA custody, Shepherd returns to Langley to help track the fugitive down. When Shepherd and Keaton discover the CIA are withholding vital information on the Tal investigation, the case becomes an opportunity for Shepherd and Keaton to spy on the CIA and find out what they know.

Episode 10

When a group of contractors working for the CIA are murdered on board their chartered plane, Keaton and his team discover there are secrets the CIA is keeping from the FBI regarding Tal. Shepherd’s ex-husband (guest star Noah Bean) finds out that Hannah has been lying to him and visiting Shepherd regularly.

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The Enemy Within Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online