May 31, 2023

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Entertaining Movies

The Doorman 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

The Doorman

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The Doorman 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Director: Ryûhei Kitamura

Writers: Lior Chefetz (screenplay), Joe Swanson

Stars: Ruby Rose, Jean Reno, Aksel Hennie

A Die Hard ripoff that forgets most of the lessons that action classic has to teach, Ryuhei Kitamura’s The Doorman forgets first of all what a little bit — even a shred — of wit can do for a movie that otherwise relies on bullets and brawn. Three screenwriters share credit, or in this case blame, for a script that keeps any laughs or surprises down in the lobby, waiting to be sent up. Almost sure to disappoint fans of Kitamura’s gonzo early films, like 2000’s zombie-Yakuza bloodbath Versus, its commercial hopes will depend on whatever fan base star Ruby Rose may have attracted during her brief stint as TV’s Batwoman.

Rose plays a former U.S. Marine named Ali Gorsky, who was decorated for her valiant but unsuccessful attempt to protect a diplomat and her daughter while stationed in Romania. (Also valiant but failed: Rose’s attempt not to look like a fashion model playing dress-up in flashbacks to the incident.) Now back in New York and looking for work while she copes with PTSD, Ali gets a job at grand old luxury apartment complex The Carrington. She’s told it’ll be a very easy gig to start: During building-wide renovations, residents will all have moved out, leaving the doormen (Ali and her boss Borz, played by Askel Hennie) with nearly nothing to do.

In truth, Borz has quite a lot to do. He’s the inside man laying groundwork for a heist in which Jean Reno plays the Alan Rickman role: Reno’s Victor Dubois is an appreciator of the finer things in life — you know that because, when given a glass of “vintage wine,” he scowls, “hmm, that’s an old Italian; I prefer Bordeaux” — and he happens to know that one of the building’s long-term tenants has hidden paintings worth tens of millions of dollars. (Why the man would hide them for three decades until he’s too old to enjoy the profits is anyone’s guess.)

Thanks to a couple of bits of miscommunication and coincidence, Dubois’ generic team of international tough guys bashes up the wrong apartment, and Ali is eating Easter dinner in the right one: She’s having an uncomfortable reunion with the family of her sister, who died years ago. Some old grudge keeps her uncomfortable around the widower, Jon (Rupert Evans), but Ali’s niece Lili (Kila Lord Cassidy) and nephew Max (Julian Feder) are clearly glad for the unexpected company.

Like John McClane before her, Ali happens to have stepped out of the apartment when her family is put in jeopardy. Dubois and company take Jon and Lili hostage, terrifying them while they try to find the loot. Slowly piecing things together from afar, Ali starts sneaking around the empty building with Max, trying to pick off members of Dubois’ crew. Very conveniently, Max memorized the ten-story building’s blueprints — including the many secret passageways — years ago for a Boy Scouts project.

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The Doorman 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online