The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell Review 2018 TV-Show Series


The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell Review 2018 TV-Show Series

Stars: Mick Ignis, Tim Lagasse, Drew Massey

Review:  I loved this. It is really clever, the characters are fun. Christine’s creations (baked, sewn, etc) are amazing. She explains what she does quite well. The sets are wild and as fun as the action. It absolutely tickled my twisted funny bone.

I am bummed that there are only 6 episodes. That is not enough! I certainly hope there will be more in the future!.I will add this warning though: This is NOT meant for little kids. It has some quips, dialog and situations that you might very well not to want to explain. Some kids might find some of the scenes scary as well.

Wow, it rarely happens that I am absolutely torn about which rating I want to give. And it never before happened that I could not decide if it was “1” or “10”. I gave it a hearty 5 and here is why:

A glorious “10” for the actual creations of Christine McConnell. Maybe not really replicable for the average person, but absolute pieces of art. I can’t imagine how much time has been gone into some of them. Ms. McConnell herself (whom I did not know before watching the series) is not only beautiful, I also like the persona she created and she sells it wonderfully. Even her acting is pretty good.

A “1” though for the rest of the show. I find the puppets and their constant bantering neither funny nor interesting. They are totally superfluous and bring nothing to the show. They got me to the point where I would fast-forward to the next creation just to avoid them. The tentacle in the fridge is ok and gave me a chuckle, but that’s about it. Also the little stories of each episode are wasted time for me.

I would love to see the actual creation of her – um – creations in way more detail instead of just a quick overview and then back to some uninteresting storyline. Lose the puppets (and the guy in the dog-suit obviously), keep the style, spend most of the time watching her create and it would be a total winner for me.

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The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell Review 2018 TV-Show Series

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