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The Big Shot Game Show Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew


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The Big Shot Game Show Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew

In The Big Shot Game Show, four Brazilian entrepreneurs compete against each other in three rounds for a prize of 200,000 reias (about $38,000). Eliana, the show’s host, explains that each entrepreneur will be able to show their products, explain their stories, and demonstrate them. Judging will be the 100 members of the audience, who are equipped with touch screens, and the judging panel. There’s a guest judge in every episode, and a permanent judge, Luana Génot; she’s an activist who’s labeled a “social entrepreneur,” who is going to make sure the products take inclusiveness and sustainability into account.

The first category is pet products: A backpack to take your dog on bike rides or jogs, natural pet snacks, a harness to help special needs and elderly pets, and an umbrella to help keep pets dry in the rain.

In the first round, the owners are locked in their shipping-container-like “boxes” as their fellow competitors evaluate their product and field questions from the judges. The audience determines which of the four companies get eliminated. Then, in the second round, the entrepreneurs demonstrate their products, tell their stories and answer questions from the judges. The audience gives a “thumbs up/thumbs down” rating to each entrepreneur, but here, the judges are the ones who determine who gets eliminated.

In the final round, the two remaining entrepreneurs are given 25,000 reias (about $4800). The two entrepreneurs get to face each other and ask questions about the other’s business model. Then, the audience chooses, and we see the vote — but there’s a catch. Before the winner is revealed, the remaining entrepreneurs have to flip a lever that will either let them keep the money they have but shut them out from the big prize or risk the money they have; then, they go home with the big prize or with nothing.

One of the reasons we like Shark Tank is because it’s the entrepreneur in the room with the billionaires, and they are able to use their presentation skills, business skills and negotiating skills to secure a deal. Even if they come out of the tank with nothing, just being on the show helps their business — just ask the guy who created Ring.

But on The Big Shot Game Show, the entrepreneurs are competing with each other, and something about that feels a bit distasteful, even if the show has the utmost respect for these people who are putting everything on the line to get make their ideas a success.

Sure, every company gets the publicity by being on the show. But it seemed that three out of the four products in the first episode were worthy products made by entrepreneurs who really wanted to better the lives of pets and their people — we’re not sure how practical the doggie umbrella was, and it was rightfully eliminated in the first round. So to have them compete with each other for pr ize money like it was a talent contest, with doors closing and boxes being put behind bars feels wrong.

The judges, especially Génot, do ask pertinent questions about the scalability of the products, plus how sustainable they are. The guest judge, Luisa Mell, had some practical questions on whether, for instance, all dogs will be as patient as Yellow, whose person grabbed him and put him in the pet backpack he invented. Neither ask the entrepreneurs about sales numbers or projections like you see on Shark Tank, but that’s OK because they’re not investing, they’re determining who gets prize money.

The Big Shot Game Show Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew