The 3rd Eye 2
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The 3rd Eye 2 2019 Movie Review Poster Trailer Cast Crew Online


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The 3rd Eye 2 2019 Movie Review Poster Trailer Cast Crew Online

Director:Rocky Soraya

Writers: Riheam Junianti, Rocky Soraya

Stars:Jessica Mila, Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia, Sophia Latjuba

Review: Inner Eyes 2″ will continue the lives of brothers Alia (Jessica Mila) and Abel (Bianca Hello) —well, I will not talk much about the film before because I have never seen it — where Alia had to give up her sister’s departure after being killed by a creature smooth named Mirah (Jelita Callebaut). Through his psychometric abilities, Alia has a vision of a large house that he had never seen before, Alia believes that there is a relationship between Abel and the house that can solve the mystery behind the unnatural death that befell his sister.

Months have passed, Alia still can’t find a clue about the big house, Alia has now also decided to reorganize her life by living and volunteering at a girls-only orphanage belonging to the married couple Fadli (Jeremy Thomas) and Laksmi (Sophia Latjuba), where Alia was surprised that the big house belonging to Pak Fadli’s family was the same house as she had seen. Is there something unnatural in the house? And what is the connection with Abel’s death?

These two questions will be the basis of how interesting the “Inner Eye 2” is to be kidnapped. There is a new character, Mrs. Laksmi who steals attention (or more can be said to be “suspicious”), also a teenage loner girl in the orphanage who has an open inner eye named Nadia (Nabilah Ayu). Nadia said that she heard something from the wall of the house, like the sound of a small child asking for help to be released. Together with Alia, the two of them then looked for the source of the voice and found the fact that “something” begged to be released from a hidden room inside the orphanage.

Prepare yourself mentally when going to watch this film because “Inner Eyes 2” will not hesitate to bang on the whole cinema with a sound effect that breaks the eardrum. This film is actually the types of horror films that I hate, the type of film that does not give the audience the opportunity to sit and enjoy the seats of the cinema because it is constantly terrorized by the noise that breaks the concentration of watching. Yeah, usually movies like this prefer to show a demonic appearance accompanied by thunderous music so that the audience jumps up and down on the audience, without them even knowing that there are also types of spectators who want to witness the slowly suffocating atmosphere, this actually goes back to individual tastes -one, but for me “Inner Eyes 2”) noisy.

Let’s forget for a moment how annoying the “Inner Eye 2” is in disturbing the tranquility of the audience, Rocky Soraya will certainly not let the film be reviled for granted, Rocky is a scholar in processing this obsolete film story to keep it interesting to follow, not a mere figment, the strength of the mystery side which is supported by the production order and the players who also appear to be able to treat the slight irritation that I have gotten at the beginning, although again the noisy jump scare element is still present, the neatly wrapped mystery is able to make “Inner Eyes 2” looks better. Unfortunately, approaching the final half, the film, which also starred Citra Prima as a paranormal, lost its appeal again.

Focusing on the ending, “Inner Eyes 2” seems too excited to give every answer to the mystery that is arranged quite neatly at the beginning. Imagine if the film does not go too far through the limits of reasonableness, I mean, the two world concepts of supernatural nature that are trying to be presented still need a lot of improvement, do not want to mention the matter of how badly visual is used for evil realms – places for uneasy spirits, depicted using a red vibe , that kind of thing—, the inhabitants of the evil world and the torture depicted like hellish hell actually caused laughter. The film then ended too complicated, Rocky seemed to want to keep the element of splatter with elements of possessionas in the previous films, this is certainly something natural, but “Inner Eyes 2” will feel boring, especially if the audience has previously watched other Rocky films.

Just like the supernatural concept that this film presents, “Inner Eyes 2” has a good side and a bad side. Rocky Soraya’s expertise in processing mysteries and moving and rotating the camera has not been able to save the “Inner Eyes 2” as a whole. What is presented by this film actually has the potential to be a pleasant spectacle, but instead of creepy ending, “Inner Eyes 2″ actually feels ridiculous. Even so, applause needs to be given to Jessica Mila who has appeared convincingly bringing dialogues laden with meaning, although in the latter half of her performance she has not been able to match Luna Maya’s ferocity in ” Sabrina “, along with Sophia Latjuba, Jessica Mila is one of the saviors “Inner Eye 2”.

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The 3rd Eye 2 2019 Movie Review Poster Trailer Cast Crew Online