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Entertaining Movies

Tersanjung: The Movie 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Tersanjung: The Movie

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Tersanjung: The Movie 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Directors: Pandu Adjisurya, Hanung Bramantyo 

Writers: Hanung Bramantyo, Pandu Adjisurya 

Stars: Clara Bernadeth, Giorgino Abraham, Kevin Ardillova

When we hear the word “honored”, we might think for the first time not what the word means according to KBBI. But a television soap opera starring Lulu Tobing, Ari Wibowo, and Adam Jordan which was released in the 90s and ran for hundreds of episodes into the early 2000s.

Yes, the soap opera ‘Tersanjung’ is indeed one of the legendary shows in the 90s. This soap opera has succeeded in spawning new talents from the Indonesian acting world where the three names mentioned above have become public idols.

Produced by Multivision Plus, ‘Tersanjung’ started its first episode on April 10, 1998 and ended on February 25, 2005. This soap opera runs for seven seasons. Even so attached to ‘Tersanjung’, there is a jokes in the community, namely “Is it like honored? Never mind ”when you look at something that doesn’t go away.

So in 2020, the film version of the soap opera ‘Tersanjung’ is ready to be shown in theaters. This film is a separate adaptation of the soap opera, which has a pretty bold line-up . From the director there is Hanung Bramantyo along with Pandu Adjisurya, then on the side of the player ‘Tersanjung’ it is clearly a rejuvenation by featuring young actors, namely the trio Clara Bernadeth – Giorgino Abraham – Kevin Ardilova.

The story of this freelance adaptation focuses more on the friendship between the three of them, with spices of family problems as a companion. Clara Bernadeth is in the plot as the main character named Yura Puspita. Unfortunately, the planned release of ‘Tersanjung: The Movie’ in theaters failed miserably due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The media crew had watched the film through a screening event at the cinema before it was decided to hold the film until an undetermined time. So it was only at the beginning of April that ‘Flattered’ can finally be watched via a streaming service, namely Netflix.

Want to say it is a freelance adaptation, surely many viewers will be waiting for anything or how much influence the soap opera version has on this version of the film. There were, but not many. Indeed, there are similarities such as similarities in the background that both existed in the 90s, but in terms of the story and character’s arc, Yura looks different.

Well, at least for this film, because at the end, we will see a development in one of the supporting characters that reminds us of the character that used to be played by Adam Jordan in the soap opera version. As we all know, Adam at that time played Bobby, the guy who impregnated Lulu Tobing. Bobby then told me that he had a bad accident so he underwent facial surgery.

Now this supporting character does the same thing, but the way the film version gets rid of it is different. Not by accident. This guy also has the same family background as Bobby.

If the film ‘Tersanjung: The Movie’ has a sequel, it could be that the scent of soap operas will be even more luscious. Why? Because at the end of the film we can see the centrality of a new and highly configurable conflict . Now this luxury is exactly the same as what the three main characters fight for in the soap opera version first.

If I’m not mistaken, the struggle for rights has also become the main course from the second season of the soap opera ‘Tersanjung’. Only yes, it’s still later and that is if it happens.

For those in the film this time, the things related to the similarities with the soap opera stories are fairly minimal. There is only one small thing that can immediately make the audience catch the soap opera version, namely in one of the scenes where the main character is watching television. Cilers can guess what will happen.

Oh one more thing, two actors who appeared in the soap opera version used to appear again playing different characters in the film version. They are Ari Wibowo and also Febby Febiola. If you match it, you can say that they are like the soap opera’s version of Bobby’s parents.

Because the main focus of the film ‘Tersanjung: The Movie’ is friendship, the main focus is definitely on the three young actors. Clara Bernadeth is able to act as a strong female figure. It’s just that, Clara still looks less suitable when displaying the soft dramatic part of Yura. He’s still too tough for that.

Then Giorgino Abraham. At first, it occurred to him that in the end Giorgino would be given a role that might be different from what he used to perform before in films. Unfortunately, getting here it turns out that the characters he plays are more or less the same. If seen from what he managed to play it?

Yes, Giorgino certainly managed to portray his character according to the demands of the narrative. But I think we can be more curious about Christian’s character if the film ‘Tersanjung’ continues into the second film.

The most impressive performer was Kevin Ardilova. Wow, just writing, the character he plays here has an interesting arc . From initially being just a funny character, then slowly the audience can get to know his concern , then change subtly to support him. It is Oka’s character who makes the elements of friendship from the film ‘Tersanjung’ feel and live.

Actingly, Kevin is quite surprising to be able to look good too with such narrative demands. He can make Oka a funny character, then he is also able to be more serious, so that the dynamics of Oka’s character, which directly brings the dynamics of the story, can be enjoyed by the audience.

Kudos to Kevin because he made the film enjoyable , especially when Kevin showed the range of Oka’s character from the late resolution stage.

As a companion, we will be presented with a conflict that is not something different, aka it has often been shown as well. The problem of accounts payable that makes a family downgrade is used in this film. Here are the pros and cons of other supporting characters, namely Yura’s father and mother.

For Yura’s mother first. This character can be said to be disgusting, in what sense is there a need for a mother like that in a family like this? Yura’s mother’s character arguably exists to spark internal conflicts from her own environment.

Unfortunately, with this setting the conflict seems artificial and of course the audience will not sympathize with the mother, even though she shows her future developments.

Now for the father character, this is very tricky because Nugie plays a very different character and this difference is obtained because the character is sick. In general, we will certainly see a hard effort shown by Nugie for most of the film because he is obliged to present a suitable and convincing character based on what the character is experiencing.

Not to mention that this character also has a harmonious relationship with Yura. How the two actors, especially Nugie, display this harmony or affection in the pathetic condition of the father’s character is interesting to see.

Finally, in an effort to become an attractive film, ‘Tersanjung’ uses the same method as most Indonesian films, namely using the services of a stand-up comedian . Unfortunately, if you look at the connection with the character’s story, Sacha Stevenson’s selection here doesn’t seem quite right, regardless of how Sacha manages to entertain the audience.

The film ‘Tersanjung’ offers a beginning of the central characters who are thick with elements of friendship. Only with the addition of family problems with all the plus-mins, the resolution stage of this film becomes complicated. That, too, if you don’t think about these problems, are just the usual kinds of conflicts that exist in Indonesian soap operas. Then the two problems are not all ended. One contrived cliffhanger . Unfortunately, one more part that ended was not enough to kick the crowd. It feels like this conflict is quite intense at the beginning so that the audience is excited, then when it is already upset, just end it straightforwardly.

A casual adaptation that is mediocre, where the thing that will be most remembered is how good Kevin Ardilova is. Does it give off a sense of nostalgia? Yes, not bad. Especially considering that this is a loose adaptation which has nothing to do with the characters or stories in soap operas first.

Tersanjung: The Movie 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online