Sunderland ‘Til I Die Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online
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Sunderland ‘Til I Die Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online


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Sunderland ‘Til I Die Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

Stars: Darron Gibson, George Honeyman, John O’Shea

Review: Netflix is taking a peek behind the football pitch with a new football documentary about Sunderland.No city loves, or needs, football like Sunderland. As its main industries of shipbuilding and mining have fallen by the wayside, SAFC (Sunderland Association Football Club), has become ever more important as the lifeblood of this unique city in the North East of England. The fans are well known to be some of the most passionate and loyal. But what happens when they start to lose their club, too?

After Manchester City’s documentary earlier this year, Sunderland AFC have released a documentary themselves and this one was interested to watch aswell for different reasons. This documentary shows a truly up and down season for this club and how it affects the staff at the club, the players and the fans. This show holds nothing back and shows the love and ferocity that fans have for their club and how they are affected when they are unsure by what is going on at the club and results on the field. You get some interesting behind the scenes insight especially at the beginning of the season, however, I felt like they didn’t show enough of the structure of the club which I was interested in. I really enjoyed this show but for me it doesn’t have the depth like the Man City documentary had, but if you are a fan of football it is definitley worth a watch.

All football fans will know Sunderland eventually got relegated. However, due to the excellent way this is delivered it keeps you hanging on in anticipation of the next result. It was a real eye opener on the day to day events at a football club. Sunderland comes accross as a real community club unlike many others who see fans as ‘customers’ imagine old trafford, Anfield etc with no fans inside on a match day. Many clubs should get back to basics and put the fan at the heart of everything.

The main thing that comes accross for me is that players and managers come and go. Some care, many don’t. The fans are the real stars of this show. despite some delusion you can’t help admire the spirit and pure passion for the club they love. Ha’way the lads.

In the era of multi-million dollar sponsorship deals and transfers, where the stakes have never been higher or the rivalries more fierce, this brand new Netflix original series sets at its heart the unfailing passion of this UK Northern town for its beloved football club. The series takes its audience through the highs and lows of SAFC’s first season in the Championship following its painful relegation the previous year.

The show is produced by Fulwell 73 (I am Bolt, The Class of ‘92), with Leo Pearlman and Ben Turner aboard as exec producers. It’s the second major footballing documentary to be commissioned by a streamer, following Amazon Prime Video’s Man City documentary, released this year as part of its “All or Nothing” franchise.

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Sunderland ‘Til I Die Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online