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Summer Heat Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew


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Summer Heat Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew

It’s the first day for a new group of young employees at the hotel, right before the summer peak season starts. As the co-owner Vilma (Mayana Neiva) brings Helena (Giovanna Rispoli), Conrado (Maicon Rodrigues) and Yasmin (Gabz) to their rooms, Vilma’s husband Maresia (Felipe Rocha) tells them that they need all hands on deck for that night’s party.

The party is for Catarina (Giovanna Lancellotti), who is about to go to Switzerland for her MBA. In the middle of the party, her boyfriend Rodrigo (Leonardo Bittencourt) proposes and she says yes, with both doing it in a surprisingly perfunctory manner. Not long after the proposal, Rodrigo’s buddies encourage him to “celebrate” his last night as a single person; he chats up Helena as she works and they go to a back room. Inevitably, Catarina sees them making out and taking off each other’s clothes.

But that’s not the worst thing that happens that night. The police invade the party and arrest Catarina’s mother on corruption and money laundering charges. Vilma and Maresia offer their guest room for her to sleep in, and during some online retail therapy, she finds out that her credit cards are frozen. In fact, she has no money to speak of, since it was all tied in to her mother’s accounting business and money laundering.

There’s also drama among the staff: Yasmin tries to find something that shows evidence of Maresia’s travels around the year she was born; Conrado is frustrated when his parents check up on him on his “management training program”, which the budding musician completely lied about. Marilla (Cynthia Senek) wants to know if Diego (Jorge Lopez) is ready to take their relationship to the next level, which involves getting to know her daughter. Miguel (André Luiz Frambach) hid a brick of what looks like weed in Conrado’s guitar case when the cops came, and as he befriends the young singer, he tries to get access to the case.

Finally, Catarina finds out that Rodrigo was put up to the proposal by her mother, and she dumps him. Needing a job and with nowhere else to turn, she grabs a staff t-shirt in an effort to help Conrado defend himself to his parents, and basically drafts herself onto the staff. Everyone is happy to have her… except for Yasmin, who says that they’re complete opposites.

Summer Heat is a mostly-okay show about pretty young people who spend a summer at a resort whose staff becomes more like family to the owners than just employees. There are romances, conflicts, love triangles, and other dramas. Some secrets are revealed. People kiss and maybe have some sex.

It’s all pretty low-stakes stuff, but at least it’s well-shot and well-acted low-stakes stuff. Your enjoyment of the show will depend on what kind of energy level you’re expecting from a show like this.

None of the stories tread new ground. You have the wealthy young woman who gets cut off and has to learn to get by on her own. At least in this case, Catarina is smart and seems to have some business sense, and she pretty quickly realizes that she’ll need to think quickly in order to get by. You have the rebellious city-based teen who has shocking news, the pretty boy who has to choose between his girlfriend and a new woman in his life, the kid who is trying to defy his parents’ wishes to follow a dream, and a few others who are largely undefined.

For the most part, it seems that the first season will have all of these story threads intertwining around each other, but if there’s any overarching story for all of them, we can’t find one. And that’s just fine if you are looking for a show that’s just about a bunch of 20-somethings working a summer season at a resort. But if you’re looking for a bit more dramatic oomph, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Summer Heat Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew