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Succession Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online


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Succession Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Creators: Jesse Armstrong

Stars: Hiam AbbassNicholas BraunBrian Cox

Review: This is one of the most exciting series HBO has made for a while. Who wouldn’t like to see the inside workings of a rich family in each member’s individual struggle for power? Family boss Logan Roy is even scary for viewers, an outstanding performance indeed by Brian Cox. Characters have many dimensions, indeed, to the point that sometimes you like them, sometimes you don’t. The storyline centers around the struggle of the family patriarch to keep full control of his own empire while relatives and even his own workers and associates conspire to remove him, but proving all these attempts futile as he always manages to cling to power (of course, everybody fears old Roy and his intimidating character!). The story has many twists and offers a full insight of the intimacies of a rich family and how a large business conglomerate works at its highest level. It’s a political drama, a family thriller. Very Macchiavellic. Nothing as has ever been done.

This is a slow burn type show. I do not understand all the negative reviews. This show is not Billions, nor is it trying to be. I think HBO has a well-written, acted, and wonderfully crafted show on it’s hands. The Performances of Culkin, Strong, Snook, and Cox as the main 4 of the family are near Emmy worthy. The show has several laugh out loud moments, mixed in with deep, emotionally accurate nuances of inter-generational family issues. The Millennial mores are so varied from those of the baby-boomers, and this show tackles the difficulties(albeit the few,) that come along with being born into the Billionaire life, such as impossibly high expectations. Mix unlimited access to funds with no sense of responsibility is a recipe for all kinds of problems. Culkin’s care-free nature is the polar opposite of Strong’s high strung neurosis, and they both play very well off of each other. I would be surprised if one of these two does not nab an Emmy nomination at the end of the year. Overall, I think this will be one of those shows that catches fire going further into season 1 and possibly even season 2. Don’t be late to this one, for me it’s can’t Miss TV.

I loved the first episode! Basically Episode 1 introduces all of the characters and the premise. The stand out actor was Matthew Macfadyen who plays Tom, Shiv’s boyfriend. The critics agree. Macfadyen is always good. He plays a real jerk who acts in different to each character he interacts with. The other amusing actor was Greg the nephew.

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Succession Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online