Siempre Bruja Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online
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Siempre Bruja Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online


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Siempre Bruja Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

Stars: Sofia Bernal Araujo, Valeria Emiliani, Dylan Fuentes

Review: When CW announced its restart of Charmed this summer, the network billed it as a multicultural re-launch of the show with three Latinx actresses at its center. It turns out that it really was not true: only one of the three tracks is of Hispanic descent, according to Mary Sue.

That’s where the new Netflix Forever Witch program comes into play. The series produced by Caracol Televisión has a large number of Latinx talents and is the second Colombian original series for the streaming giant. The historical genre mix drama follows the story of Carmen, a 19-year-old Afro-Colombian slave and witch who travels back through time from the 17th century to the current Colombian city of Cartagena in a desperate attempt to rescue her loved one. . It stars Colombian actress Angely Gaviria, last seen in Pambelé, a biopic about boxing champion Antonio Cervantes Reyes, YouTuber born in Barranquilla and musician Dylan Fuentes, and telenovela actress Valeria Emiliani.

“We are excited to continue investing in the wonderful content and talent that Colombia has to offer, and especially to work with Caracol, as well as the creators of successful programs such as La Esclava Blanca,” Vice President of International Originals at Netflix, Erik Barmack. it’s a statement. “Our second original Colombian version, Siempre Bruja, is not only a magnetic story for young adults that audiences will love, but also contains a powerful message of empowerment that will deeply connect with members both in Colombia and worldwide.”

Although its plot of the trip in the time has its origins in the fantasy, the element of witchcraft in Always Witch has deep historical roots. In real life, the city of Cartagena was one of the headquarters of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, which tortured men and women in the name of eradicating witches, heretics and blasphemers of the Catholic faith. It is thought that more than 800 people were prosecuted in Cartagena during the course of the Inquisition, including black slaves accused of witchcraft and enchantment.

The new teaser for the show, published on Tuesday, shows Carmen (Gaviria) condemned by a priest to be burned at the stake in 1646, only to emerge from the ocean in 2019 and everything that goes with it, including horn sounds, parties at clubs, and group selfies. The series of ten episodes is inspired by the 2015 novel Yo, Bruja de Isidora Chacón, and will be released in 2019.

Divided between 1646 and present-day Colombia, the original Netflix Original Always Witch is a supernatural and surprising drama for young adults. While there is a bit of romance at the heart of this show, ultimately, it is the characters that make this as endearing as this one ends up being. Always Witch certainly is not for everyone; The dialogue loaded with exposure and the plot of the formula lean heavily towards the market of young adults and adolescents. Bearing this in mind, there are enough twists and turns here to make a nice clock, although the plot was almost completely solved at the end, but there is still a big suspension for a possible second season.

The story begins in 1646 with Carmen, 18 years old. Tied to the stake and about to burn for being a witch, Carmen somehow manages to teleport herself at the last second to the lively coasts of Colombia in 2019. It quickly becomes evident that she is a woman on a mission and through a flashback we learn what this is. His lover, Christopher, is killed right in front of his back in 1646 and has traveled to the future to find an ancient stone, and those who would help him exercise his power, to return and save his lover from certain death. Of course, changing the past is not something that is taken lightly and it quickly becomes apparent that things are not what they seem.

What follows is a story that becomes much more than it seems at first, combining danger and supernatural forces in each individual episode with a general plot that revolves around a sinister man called “The Fire Killer”. Through 10 episodes, we learn more about Carmen, her group of friends with whom she joins in 2019, Cristóbal and everything else. All this culminates in a final battle where Carmen and her group struggle to survive with The Fire Killer. Although most of the plot is resolved, we have a final scene that leaves things open for a possible second season.

There is also good chemistry between the characters, which is good, especially given the emphasis on romance here. In that sense, this is a series that is likely to resonate more with females and there is also a good dose of quirky slapstick humor for a good measure. Most of that revolves around Jhongy Ki, who plays the comic role for most of the show. A twist of the plot at the end makes this turn into something like that, as it becomes a more prominent figure and is released from its comic chains, but give much further away from the show would spoil the various twists of the plot that await within the episodes.

For all the positive aspects, Always Witch is not perfect. It’s a little silly at times and the various special effects range from decent to disappointing. It does not detract too much from the program, but the effects of the black shadow in particular do not seem entirely convincing and cheapen the program a bit. Given the dark plot, there is a strange juxtaposition between danger and tension with white sand beaches and a beautiful tropical sun. While this is not a decisive factor, seeing a final showdown on a beautiful beach while the sea shines like diamonds is a bit unconventional.

However, despite all this, Siempre Bruja is a really nice show. It is a series that knows exactly for whom it is marketed and offers everything that would be expected for that age group with little deviation. This narrow view makes a bit of subjective observation sometimes, but despite this, the plot is well written and, for the most part, well-paced. The characters are what make this show as attractive as it eventually becomes, and in the middle of the road, the show becomes much more exciting. While there are more prolific supernatural programs, I hope this is not the last time we see Siempre Bruja now that he has settled into his rhythm, and a second season could be the perfect spell to conjure.

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