Sharp Objects Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online
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Sharp Objects Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online


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Sharp Objects Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Creators: Marti Noxon

Stars: Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson, Chris Messina

Review: I’m a huge fan of Gillian Flynn and really enjoyed her debut novel Sharp Objects (though not quite as much as her other two books). That being said, I think this story works better as a mini-series. Sharp Objects the novel is captivatingly erie and atmospheric, achieving the southern gothic style perfectly. The disturbing mystery at it’s center is unraveled in an increasingly unsettling fashion, which I loved, though the ending gets just a little too unhinged to be entirely believable IMO (this is pretty much the only real criticism I have of the book).

Now on to the show. Based solely off the pilot episode it appears to be a very close adaptation, and, as I said, I think it will be the rare exception to the rule where the film/show surpasses it’s source material. The novel itself isn’t very long. A seven part mini-series almost by necessity will have to expand on the story and flesh out more of the characters. That looks to be exactly what they’ve done but with the added benefit of superb directorial style and unique music and sound design that really lend a feeling of vitality and unease to the experience.

Jean-Marc Vallee skillfully blends the flashbacks into the story in a super creative and compelling way, adding to the mystery with transitions that put you in a trance and create a constant dreamlike feeling. This technique is particularly good for immersion, as it helps the audience relate to Camille. It evokes the feeling that these memories are flooding back to her as she is forced to return to her hometown and uncover past demons, the likes of which appear destined to further haunt her. In the first episode it seems they are barely scratching the surface of the mystery, and the impression is given that much more startling revelations await just around the corner. The pacing is remarkably restrained and does a terrific job keeping you intrigued despite not being in a hurry to provide answers. The masterful direction gives it exactly what it needs to really resonate in a truly haunting way. To top it all off Amy Adams’ performance is phenomenal and I’d consider it easily on par with her best work.

I’m glad to say that Sharp Objects does a great job continuing the recent tradition of excellent mini-series from HBO a la The Night Of, Big Little Lies, etc, and I can even see this reaching the level of True Detective’s stellar first season if it continues the same vain as this terrific premiere. Go and watch it if you haven’t and ignore all the complainers saying it’s too slow. It is slow but in the best kind of way.

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Sharp Objects Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online