Shadow Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online
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Shadow Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online


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Shadow Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

Stars: Pallance Dladla, Khathu Ramabulana, Amanda Du-Pont

Review: Pallance Dladla presents the show, playing the title character, a former detective whose driver’s license reads Shadrach Khumalo. He is a paid watchman, ready to do a dirty job for people with problems that fail on the part of the authorities and, possibly, of society itself. In the classic Punisher style, Shadow is tortured by a past trauma; Hanging on the wall of your room completely depressing and windowless, there are news clippings detailing the premature death of, apparently, your loved ones. When he finishes a job, he arrives home with a dim fluorescent light and a bottle of alcohol. Machine guns and crossbows decorate the walls. So that we do not ask ourselves why it is built as a linebacker with trapezius muscles the size of a yellowfin tuna, there is a weight bench in the corner.

The main character, Shadow, is a vigilante who goes after the bad guys with a vengeance. The vengeance part is that they don’t last…as in living. His body is altered, thanks to a lighting strike as a child, and his distrust in the system is justified, especially now with what’s going on now. The stories were crisp and got right down to the point. Shadow was a living battery…not stopping until justice was served. Sister Nola was the perfect foil and totally loved best friend Max. He was the ying to Shadow’s yang, which made them the perfect best friends. REALLY want to see a second season of this, the first South African series submitted to NETFLIX!

Shadow has a sister, Zola (Tumie Ngumla), who is confined to a wheelchair, and is aware of her sister’s escapades. They have a new pension in the spare room, Ashley (Amanda du-Pont), which seems pretty casual with all the vigilantism and all that. During his last concert, giving the old what-fer to a mobster who takes pictures of naked women and blackmails them, Shadow runs through Max (Khathu Ramabulana), a plainclothes cop who seems a very tentative supporter of the nightly activities of Shadow

After an afternoon of punching and pointing with the gun, Shadow suddenly falls into a PTSD snit. He sweats profusely; Your heart rate increases; The musical score becomes very dramatic. Grab a prescription pill and wash it with a whiskey bar. Later, the script throws a bomb like a grape in the fruit bowl of the plot: Shadow was once struck by lightning and does not have the ability to feel pain. Wait, is this guy a superhero? THINKY-GUY EMOJI, I say. THINKY-GUY EMOJI.

Our opinion: So Netflix abandoned its entire line of Marvel Comics programs, including The Punisher, and replaced them with Shadow? It’s too early to say it after a single episode. At a basic level, this new series is filled with a somewhat limited budget. The dialogue is a bit clumsy, the characters are familiar, the performance is rigid, the choreography of struggle is rudimentary. The clichés mark their visual aesthetics. The attempts of humor are flaccid as the old asparagus. But there’s some potential here: Dladla anchors the cast with a solid presence on the screen, and he does not always need to take off his shirt to do it. But until now, it’s the question of Shadow’s true nature that will keep us watching, not people, conspiring or making pies. The pilot is fine, nothing really special, but nothing extraordinarily bad.

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Shadow Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online