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Secrets in the Snow 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online


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Secrets in the Snow 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Director: Jose Montesinos
Writer: Patrick Powell
Stars: Daniel Fernando Acosta, Travis Caldwell, Peter Carey

The protagonist of the Lifetime movie Secrets in the Snow is Christina (Aubrey Reynolds). Her boyfriend of three months Ted (Travis Caldwell) invites her to the country, to meet his family. As they pull into town, Ted points out the lake where his brother Paul died (he drowned). Ted asks Christina not to bring up Paul’s death but after meeting Paul’s fiancée Angie (Liz Fenning), Christina wonders if Paul’s death was an accident. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t!

For the students of Eastbrook High, what began as a December snow fall quickly becomes a threatening winter storm, and school is dismissed for the day. Six familiar strangers are the only students remaining as the outdoor conditions worsen and the doors are locked. The lurking danger and personal conflicts are intermixed with the excitement and endless possibilities of having the entire school to themselves. An impromptu talent show and culinary class feast ensue, and a frozen knock from outside the school brings a whole new element to the evening!

Wills are tested, friendships are created and secrets are revealed as the students realize they must rely on each other to make it through the night.

Most viewers will relate to this striking film! For anyone who has experienced peer pressure, or kept difficult experiences private, or dealt with high school problems, you will see yourself in this movie.

A big snowstorm hits just before the holidays and the kids are scheduled to be sent home early. For some kids, their parents don’t get the message right away and the kids are whisked off to the library. The power begins to fail due to the storm, and then the generator goes out and the kids and one teacher find blankets to huddle in and stay warm. This storm results in the kids becoming better acquainted and sharing secrets, including a boy’s father dying in Iraq and they learn about a diabetic boy.

The themes include confiding in others and that there are not many differences in people; that everyone battles some sort of problem. We award this wonderful film five Doves, our best rating and we recommend it for all ages.

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Secrets in the Snow 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online