Pretty Cheaters, Deadly Lies
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Pretty Cheaters, Deadly Lies 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online


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Pretty Cheaters, Deadly Lies 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Director: Leo Scherman
Writers: Jennifer Edwards, Amy Katherine Taylor
Stars: Kate Drummond, Sebastien Roberts, Keara Graves

Why is it so hard to get into college? Lifetime Movie Network’s Hateful & Grateful series continues with yet another LMN thriller. This time, it is Pretty Cheaters, Deadly Lies.
This new movie stars Kate Drummond (Wynonna Earp), Sebastien Roberts (Northern Rescue), Sydney Meyer (Shadowhunters), Alexander Eling (Tiny Pretty Things) and Keara Graves (Grand Army), this cautionary tale is the sort that that only LMN can make!
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What Is Lifetime’s Pretty Cheaters, Deadly Lies About?
According to IMDb, in this Lifetime movie, Hanna (Graves) is at the top of her class. She is head of the cheerleaders. Hanna is in competition to be a finalist for a college scholarship. This teen is told that she is “a college recruiter’s dream.”
And, Hanna has met a guy, Drew (Eling), that she really likes. They are even meeting up for a date. Hanna’s life is going great. Right? That is until she is caught in an extremely compromising position.
Her cousin Madison (Myer) found out. Well, maybe she had a hand in this whole crazy thing happening? She has always been unfavorably compared to her cousin Hanna. In fact, her dad may cut her off!
Desperate, Madison sees her chance. She does some pretty evil things to make Hanna desperate. Now, she is now blackmailing Hanna. What does Hanna have to do to get out of this jam?

As she is the better student, Hanna is now forced to take Madison’s college entrance exam. But is that enough? Turns out, Madison’s blackmail plans are even more devious. They could be deadly! And all Madison wants to do is get into college. This is another Lifetime thriller that will keep you guessing.
Lifetime’s Hateful & Grateful Leads To Slay Bells
After Shocktober, and Hateful & Grateful, Lifetime will be airing the Slay Bells themed movies through December. They include three new LMN movies.
The first is Secrets In The Snow. This will air on Saturday, December 5. Next, is Pretty Little Dead Girl. Lifetime will air this movie on Saturday, December 12. Lastly, Stolen In Plain Sight is airing on Saturday, December 19, right before Christmas.

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Pretty Cheaters, Deadly Lies 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online