Osmosis Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online
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Osmosis Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online


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Osmosis Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

Creator: Audrey Fouché

Stars: Haviland Stillwell, Hugo Becker, Agathe Bonitzer

Review: If Netflix’s new Dating Around reality is a touch too sophisticated for your liking, then you’re likely to discover your next original French osmosis. The first trailer for the technophobic show, which premieres on March 29, has just landed and is a literal journey. In the near future, he follows several young Parisians who sign up for a beta program for an experimental dating technology designed to match soulmates. Then things get dark.

If movies and television are an indication, the future of online dating is very bleak. The broadcast service that brought you the “Hang the DJ” episode of “Black Mirror” (which ended up being surprisingly hopeful!) Returns with a story about how science and true love should not mix at all. The French series “Osmosis”, which premieres next month on Netflix, follows a group of participants in a new dating service that uses brain waves to guarantee the search for a soul mate.

Some are anxious participants, while others are a bit skeptical that a pill and a place in time in a hallucination dome can produce true magical love. But, as these things tend to do, it seems that people in this test end up giving a little more than their personal data when this effort begins to fall apart. (At least they have a small interactive screen tattoo that they can finish when they want that sweet and sweet oxytocin punch, or implanted memories, releasing one of the two).

The clip shows anxious participants taking a pill like Neo in The Matrix (which turns 20 next month). But instead of withdrawing his life from a simulation dominated by a machine, he places his romantic destiny in the hands of an AI named Martin. Strangers are also recorded with an interactive biometric tag that seems to play brain-brain games when played. Naturally, things are more sinister than they initially seem and events take a terrifying turn for the worse. Yes, it seems that it was created by an algorithm trained in Black Mirror episodes and David Cronenberg movies, but that does not mean it’s less absorbing.

When it was ordered in 2017, Osmosis was only the second French original that received the green light from Netflix. Last year, the EU introduced new regulations that forced streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix to produce at least 30 percent of content in Europe. At that time, Netflix promised to increase its European programming of 141 shows and films to 221 this year.

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Osmosis Review 2019 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online