February 3, 2023

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Noise 2023 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online


Noise 2023 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Corruption within the Mexican judicial system, femicides, and the pain of a mother are portrayed by Natalia Beristáin in Ruido .

The director of the award-winning I don’t want to sleep alone (2012) and Los Adioses (2017), presented the long-awaited feature film at the San Sebastian Festival last September. It premiered on Thursday, October 13 in Argentine theaters , and in November it will be available via streaming on Netflix .

Ruido focuses on Julia ( Julieta Egurrola , Beristáin’s mother), a mother who, after not getting answers from the justice system about the disappearance of her daughter, Ger, nine months ago, decides to start investigating in other ways. The film takes us through Julia’s painful journey, and is continually traversed by stories tragically common to many other people.

It is impressive how Ruido gives an account of the reality that many people live in Mexico and how their history can resonate with that of many other countries; sadly in Latin America we are very familiar with hearing about the disappeared.

Beristáin forces us to witness shocking moments, difficult to watch. He doesn’t always do it with the best subtlety, leaving us feeling that some are too hasty and not allowing us to properly process what we are experiencing. However, its rawness and intention to move are adequately transmitted, achieving powerful scenes where it is difficult both to look at them and to stop doing so.

In turn, adds to the strength of the story the clash of reality and fiction that is generated by integrating members of the Voice and Dignity Association for our SLP AC and the Collective looking for you with love from the State of Mexico . The search to portray the situation with fidelity and respect for those who truly suffer from it is evident. Noise leaves us with the sensation of having witnessed a kind of documentary, a remarkable achievement of storytelling.

Throughout the film, both the ineffectiveness of justice and the corruption of the police forces are presented. Julia’s frustration at not being able to access the truth about what has happened to her daughter fills the viewer with anger and pain, almost as it fills her. Egurrola thrills with an outstanding performance, which on more than one occasion leaves us with goosebumps and tears in our eyes. She admirably conveys the helplessness of her situation, of being able to get nothing from the authorities or only half doing it, having to handle most of the investigation herself.

In a support group for relatives of missing persons, Julia meets Abril ( Teresa Ruiz ), a journalist who is investigating the matter. Abril is going to accompany Julia in almost all of her journey, helping her to access answers that she cannot do by traditional means. The story of Abril has many layers that are explored as the film unfolds, and without a doubt, Ruiz’s interpretation ends up surprising and moving, being one of the most notable elements.

Julia seems stunned by the noise , or stunned by it. This is how she presents herself to us from the beginning of the film, when she is surrounded by chorus of screams and purple smoke. Various interpretations could be given about what this means, but something that is very clear is that this film is necessary to show an unfortunate reality, to open our eyes and understand these experiences.

Like Julia, like the associations that struggle to find family and friends, Beristáin invites us to continue making noise. She communicates that we should not be silent in the face of these femicides, disappearances and homicides, and that we try to understand how difficult it is for a disappearance complaint to be valid.

Noise 2023 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online