December 7, 2022

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My Name Is Vendetta 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

My Name Is Vendetta

My Name Is Vendetta 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

My Name is Vendetta is a 2022 Italian action crime thriller film about a former Mafia enforcer and his feisty daughter who flee to Milan when the rest of his family is murdered. They then hide out while plotting their revenge.

Directed by Cosimo Gomez from a screenplay co-written by Sandrone Dazieri and Andrea Nobile. Executive produced by Roberto Amoroso and Gaia Antifora.

The Colorado Film Production stars Alessandro Gassmann, Remo Girone, Marcello Mazzarella, Alessio Praticò, Sinja Dieks, Ginevra Francesconi, Gabriele Falsetta and Marco Boriero.

My Name Is Vendetta Trailer has been released by Netflix on Thursday. The upcoming Italian action thriller film is written and directed by Cosimo Gomez. Starring Alessandro Gassmann as Santo, Ginevra Francesconi as Sofia, Alessio Praticò as Michele, Remo Girone as Angelo, Sinja Dieks as Ingrid, Gabriele Falsetta as Ferrario, Mauro Lamanna, Marcello Mazzarella, Francesco Villano and Luca Zamperoni.

The official synopsis of the film reads, “When enemies from the past kill his wife and brother-in-law, a former mafia enforcer and his daughter flee to Milan to plot their revenge.” After living in the shadows for years in a quiet town in Südtirol, a former criminal and his daughter are looking for their revenge.

Sofia is a quiet teenager who spends her time between hockey games, of which she is the champion, and off-road driving lessons. Until the moment when she, secretly photographs her father, Santo and publishes his photo on her Instagram. The small post is enough to change their lives forever.

Following the computer trail, two criminals enter their home and brutally kill Sofia’s mother and uncle, resulting in a settling of scores that has been brooding for nearly twenty years. Sofia will discover that the truth has always been withheld from her and that Santo hides a dark past as an affiliate of the N’drangheta.

Not without conflict, Sofia will embrace a legacy of fury and violence and will ally with her father to seek merciless revenge. This fast-paced action, survival and revenge film is set in Northern Italy and produced by Maurizio Totti, Alessandro Usai, and Iginio Straffi.

The released trailer starts off with some fast action shots, followed by a close moment between a father and daughter, where she asks, why did he move to this place in his younger days. To which he replies, ‘for love’. But soon after we witness how his wife gets murdered by two men, which will change the course of their lives forever.

Living behind a life of violence and death, Santo made a life for himself, but with the attack on his beloved will take him back to the world of crime. But this time he isn’t alone, as we see his daughter training and working with him to take revenge on the bad guys.

My Name Is Vendetta 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online