February 9, 2023

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Entertaining Movies

Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

mortal kombat 2021 movie

Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Director: Simon McQuoid

Writers: Greg Russo (screenplay by), Dave Callaham (screenplay by)

Stars: Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee, Josh Lawson 

In short, the movie is amazing. I almost cried from how happy I was, how many times I got chills down my spine (pun unintended). This franchise is in good hands now, very good hands and I’m thankful to everyone involved for how they handled this. I’m not very good at writing reviews so I’ll divide this into what I liked and what I didn’t like.

I will start with what I didn’t like first since there’s not much, but as with any first installment and let’s be honest, even movies that have a humongous budget can have huge flaws (looking at you Avengers: Endgame).


  • Budget constraints were obvious, but they made a good decision of focusing the runtime instead. Make no mistake, this movie ends before you know it, but that might be a good thing.
  • Not all the characters were given the same treatment; for example some didn’t have much backstory and others sadly didn’t last as long. One earthrealmer in particular that was SO SOOOO cool during their runtime I felt “passed” quickly, but knowing the story in the games we can expect they will be back. (Fingers crossed)
  • A couple netherrealmers were just there and also didn’t last long, but with fatalities involved that was a given. I feel that a certain bad guy would’ve been a better choice to be in the movie since he was missing from a major plot point that involves a major character, so that was sadly a miss. One of my favorite netherrealmers in the game, while he/she looked AWESOME in the movie, could’ve had a more distinct “move list”, but what we got was still really cool.
  • While the story is good and gets the job done, it’s no Dark Knight by any means. But frankly, that was expected, and they don’t waste much time with that and dive right into the action.

While of course I was yearning for more; more characters, more runtime etc. I sadly understand why we get what we get, and it will make the wait for the next installment even more painful.


  • This movie is SO MUCH FUN!!! I almost jumped from my seat from how EPIC most of this movie was! It’s back to back action and never gets boring. That character from earthrealm I talked about that doesn’t last much for example had seriously some of the most satisfying scenes, their introduction gave me CHILLLLLSSSS.
  • The movie is quality, and I was surprised how good most of the casting was, I didn’t expect much from some of the actors but almost everyone did a great job save for maybe one or two but they weren’t given much to work with.
  • The script is great, dialogue is sharp with very little cheese as compared to the previous Mortal Kombat installments. There are some hilarious scenes and people in the theatre were laughing out loud, especially one character but I bet you guessed who it is already.
  • The selection of characters featured in this movie is great, and the new character introduced is also cool that isn’t in the game and a welcome addition.
  • The special effects are AWESOME, even the CGI characters looked great surprisingly; they knew how to use whatever little budget I’m sure they had well and it shows.
  • Scorpion vs Subzero (!!!!!) was handled beautifully, obviously one of the highlights of the movie. Seriously every second of their fight(s) was epic.
  • One major character is teased for the sequel in the end and oh boy did it get me excited.

In conclusion, this movie could’ve been a LOOOT worse but thankfully, you can feel the love and care that the team have for this franchise. I’m so so happy with what we got, it’s like a gift to us the fans and a promise of better things yet to come. I HOPE this movie will do as well as it should because it deserves it and with a bigger budget for the sequels and hopefully with the same team, we really are in for a treat you guys. I know I will be doing my part and will see this in the cinema at least 4 more times, buy it in digital, blu-ray, you name it.

Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online