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Review of the film Donde fit dos (2021), a Spanish comedy about sex and open relationships with a message of acceptance and tolerance towards non-traditional forms of love. With a very extensive stellar cast made up of actors of the stature of Raúl Arévalo, Ernesto Alterio, Anna Castillo and María León, Donde fit dos opens in theaters this coming June 30, 2021.

Throughout one night, and with the Paradiso Club as the nerve center of events, a bride will search for the wedding ring she lost at her bachelorette party, a couple will seek to rekindle the flame, two cousins ​​will meet after years, a boy goes in search of anonymous pleasure without commitment and a couple of friends try to convince their wives to make an exchange with each other.

Just two months after the premiere of Polyamory for Beginners , a new Spanish comedy hits the billboards in which the main theme is sex and sexual freedom; a subgenre that has quite a pull among the country’s production companies and that we have already been able to see throughout the decade in films like Kiki, love is made .

While it is true that the results of these have been uneven, the movie Donde caben dos meets and presents a fun proposal. Highlight a cast full of several of the most important stars of the national scene and for a solid script that manages to maintain interest in its five plots.

The film Donde caben dos structures its script based on a choral story of five different plots. Although each one additionally presents its own messages and topics, all of them are aimed at that common theme that seeks to vindicate sexual freedom.

Paco Caballero , director and one of the four screenwriters of the film, effectively manages to make all the stories interesting and engaging thanks to well-defined characters and contexts. Although sometimes it has to pull clichés to do so, it works well, and it has merit, because being a film with so many characters and plots, I could not dedicate large amounts of time individually to develop them.

Within these frames, although there are some that work better than others; for example, the argument between the cousins ​​is one that ends up being weaker than the rest, Caballero manages to create quite a few gags and points with great grace.

As a negative aspect, it should be mentioned that, although everything is more or less spun with the establishment that runs the character of Ana Milan , one of the plots has no link whatsoever, and is a little separated from the rest, causing a lack of cohesion . This is the part of the two mature marriages. Of course, individually, it is possibly the funniest plot, and it achieves a remarkable uncomfortable humor.

In terms of production, lighting, designs and locations, the result is quite satisfactory. It must be said that the fact that it develops in a club of this style gives a lot of play, and Caballero’s team complies with several very interesting sets on a visual level.

Similarly, another of the most notable points is that of the soundtrack, which, although it has a couple of songs a little more hackneyed and easy (such as Sexual Revolution , in the end), is full of good quality licensed songs. You can tell that an effort was made to get a powerful soundtrack.

Linked to this of the soundtrack, it is rare the moment in which there is no background theme playing. In fact, there are editing sequences with great assiduity, and, in short, the editing of the film is very dynamic and fast. As a negative part of the montage, the last fifteen to twenty minutes can become somewhat repetitive, because as there are so many frames, it can be difficult to see so many resolutions one after the other.

The cast, strong point

And as I said before, one of the great attractions of the movie Where Two Fit (2021) is its huge and outstanding cast. Ana Milan , Anna Castillo , Miki Esparbé , Raúl Arévalo , Verónica Echegui , María León , Aixa Villagran , Ricardo Gómez , Álvaro Cervantes , Carlos Cuevas , Luis Callejo , Ernesto Alterio , Pilar Castro , María Morales , Adría Collado , Melani Olivares… As you can see, all stars and established names in cinema, television and theater in Spain.

Interpretation, therefore, is one of the strengths of the project. It is true that where two fit will not be the most brilliant role in the career of these actors; after all, it’s a pretty simple movie with a story we’ve seen recently. However, the presence of all these figures certainly raises the overall quality, and the cast will take with them a good comedy that is likely to stand out at the box office this summer.

In short, the film Donde fit dos (2021) is a good comedy that stands out for a great cast full of national film stars. Due to the style of humor that a well-crafted script manages, it is quite likely that it will be liked by the Spanish public.

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