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MaveriX Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew


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MaveriX Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew

Scott Griffin (Darcy Tadich) is one of the top riders on the Aussie junior motocross circuit, a continuation of the tradition his father Ken “Griffo” Griffin (Rohan Nichol) started as a champion on the pro circuit. The two of them are starting a new bike academy and team called MaveriX, and Griffo is at the first meet so he and Scott can scout some new students.

During the heats, the two of them see diamonds in the rough. Jenny (Tatiana Goode), one of the few girls on the circuit, takes chances; Richie (Tjiirdm McGuire) has potential but his parents want him to get his grades up at his private school; Kaden (Sebastian Tang) is holding out to join the Katzo Motorsports team, but ends up going with MaveriX when he loses the final to Lawson (Pedrea Jackson), the team’s best driver.

Lawson tries to get in Scott’s head by saying that “you’re not your father,” and Scott does get nudged off course by Lawson during the finals, but he rallies to come in second.

At the school, Griffo worries that two advanced riders from Perth aren’t coming, as he plowed all of the family’s savings into redoing the course and other improvements. In addition, a mysterious girl watches the goings on from afar.

MaveriX, created by Rachel Clements, Isaac Elliott and Sam Meikle, is definitely geared to kids, especially preteens and young teens, but, like the aforementioned Dive Club, the show isn’t trying to write to a kid sensibility. It’s a family drama with lots of race action, but a story that actually has some conflict and tension.

The plot is going to be relatively simple: Plucky group of teens, an underdog school that’s teetering on financial ruin, rival teams with more resources, mysterious locals. There’s also an element of Scott trying to forge his own path while constantly competing in his father’s shadow. Each of the teens has a backstory, though the only one we know much about at the end of the first episode is Richie’s, given how his parents don’t want him riding to begin with.

But, as corny as the plot sounds, the first episode wasn’t corny at all. It sets up the team dynamic well, and the copious racing scenes were fun to watch.

MaveriX Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew