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Marilyn’s Eyes 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online


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Marilyn’s Eyes 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

After addressing the issue of gender equality in Wife and husband (2017) and that of homosexuality in Croce e delizia (2019), the talented director Simone Godano returns to the big screen with Marylin has black eyes , a delightful romantic comedy that analyzes in an atypical way the delicate question of mental illness. The protagonists, Diego and Clara , played respectively by Stefano Accorsi and Miriam Leone , are two mentally unstable individuals who have joined a rehabilitation center for disturbed people.

Diego, divorced, has a young daughter and is unable to control her anger while Clara, guilty of having intentionally set fire to a house, lies all the time. Their meeting / clash will create surprising implications that will radically change the life of the two. Godano succeeds in the arduous task of evading all the clichés of the case, staging multifaceted and complex characters strongly anchored to reality.

Stefano Accorsi proves once again that he is one of the best Italian actors currently in circulation. His performance is truly sublime, as the versatile Bolognese actor manages to pass with ease from the dramatic register to the lighter one, highlighting his extraordinary mimicry. Diego in some ways resembles the charismatic borderline chef embodied by Bradley Cooper in The Taste of Success . Miriam Leone on her side is always better and gives Clara a perfect mix of sweetness, strength and weakness. Also worth mentioning are the excellent Thomas Tabacchi in the role of a psychiatrist rich in humanity and the evergreen Marco Messeriin those of Diego’s caring and ironic father.

Marylin has black eyes stigmatizes conformity by winking at real masterpieces of the seventh art such as One flew over the cuckoo’s nest , The bright side and Cursed the day I met you among many others. Considering the fact that in cinema the theme of psychic disorders is now highly inflated, it was not easy to make a film that talked about it without being obvious. Godano, on the other hand, did it magnificently, giving new life to the Italian comedy. The pace of the feature film in question is dynamic and the dialogues are never banal.

In addition , Stefano Accorsi and Miriam Leone , who had already worked together on the 1992 TV series on Tangentopoli , prove to have a strong alchemy which it is hoped that Italian cinema will take into account in the future. The work invites all of us not to be afraid of being ourselves and pushes us to find love in a person who unconditionally accepts our way of being, even if this goes beyond the dogmas and paradigms that society imposes on us. On the other hand, as the immortal Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh asserted : “Normality is a paved road: it is comfortable for walking, but no flowers grow there” .

I therefore dispassionately recommend going into the room to see this modern fairy tale that dreams of a world in which one can be considered as beautiful as the divine Marylin Monroe even with black eyes.

Marilyn’s Eyes 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online