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Loafy Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online


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Loafy Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Stars: Jason Mewes, Bobby Moynihan, Cecily Strong

It is not strictly speaking necessary to be stoned when you watch Loafy, a new series of adult-oriented animated shorts spearheaded by SNL alum Bobby Moynihan that drops on Comedy Central’s digital and social media this Saturday. But according to Moynihan, it probably doesn’t hurt. And if you don’t partake but always wondered what it was like, these colorful slices of surreal life come about as close to simulating the workings of the stoner brain as anything since the heyday of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Loafy, voiced by writer/producer Moynihan, is a laid-back manatee who moonlights as a drug dealer from his tank at the Center Park Zoo. He’s surrounded by a typically oddball cast of animals and humans voiced by folks like Cecily Strong, Taran Killam, Kevin Smith, Jay Pharoah, Nina West, Ron Funches, Tom Green, Jason Mewes, Hannah Simone, Eugene Cordero, Will McLaughlin, Shannon O’Neill and more.

In one episode, Loafy has to track down a harp for his son Beef’s (Funches) preschool talent show, which somehow devolves into a sex and drug-based transaction involving a horny monkey (Cordero) and a talking giraffe (Mewes). In another, Loafy sorts through a number of unlikely candidates trying to hire a personal assistant. A third involves an out-of-work hypnotist (Killam).

The 6 minute episodes – about the length of a Looney Tune – bear the same oblique relationship to their exaggerated sitcom premises as ordinary reality bears to the herbally-enhanced variety. All proceed with the disorienting mix of in-the-moment details and wild leaps of logic that anyone who has been to the dispensary lately would recognize. Even the loud bits don’t harsh the buzz.

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Loafy Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online