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La Venganza de las Juanas Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew


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La Venganza de las Juanas Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew

Twenty-four years later Las Juanas returned in a darker new version of the successful Colombian telenovela: La Venganza de las Juanas , produced by Lemon Films, written by Jimena Romero, who takes up the original story of her father Bernardo Romero and directed by Pepe Castro and Rodrigo Ugalde.

In the original story, five women discover that they are daughters of the same man, plus it has magical realism and a lot of humor. In this there is still magic through Juana Bautista, the Mayan shaman, but there is a turn towards suspense, the favorite genre of the writer. “I wanted to take her on a totally different path because the story begins with a mystery: there are five women who do not know who their father is,” he told AP.

In both productions the Juanas share a fish-shaped birthmark, but in the first version it took longer to solve the mystery of the bond that unites them, as one of the Juanas is dedicated to looking for her half-sisters in various municipalities of Colombia , in the new, respecting the present, everything is quickly clarified with a DNA test.

In Colombian history, the father of the five daughters is a great person and he is sorry for not having been in their lives, but in this one, Simón , played by Carlos Ponce, is very different and does not want to know about his daughters. Romero assured that the Juanas’ forgiveness came too easy in the original. “I didn’t want the father to apologize so easily. The father came out as very well spared … he felt that he had to be brought in to tell him ‘look at the consequences of your actions’ ”.

The Juanas kept their names, but some changed their professions. Juana Manuela “Manny” ( Zuria Vega ) is not a boxer, she works in a strip club as a dancer, and Juana Valentina (Renata Notni) is no longer a salesperson in an electrical appliance store, now she is a journalist and is focused on the issue of disappearance of women. Juana Caridad (Oka Giner) is still a nun, although she is no longer totally innocent. Juana Matilde (Juanita Arias) remains a singer and Juana Bautista (Sofía Engberg) continues to be connected with energies and esotericism , but in this case under the Mayan tradition.

Some actresses who star in this story had some experience in the work of their characters, but it continued to represent a challenge to capture it in the scenes.

Vega had practiced pole dance when she was 20 years old , but after two children and 10 years later she felt like she was starting from scratch. “I was everything, I didn’t have a double. It was one of the challenges this character had and the truth is that since I stayed with him, I became very obsessive that I had to achieve it, because it was part of what the character lives ”.

Juanita Arias had had musical scenes before, but not to the level demanded by her interpretation of Juana Matilde, who has 11 songs in the series. “It was preparing myself as a singer does. I don’t really sing spectacularly like Juana Matilde sings, but I did go into my singing classes, ”she also assured that it was important to achieve feeling in her performance and put aside the pain when singing before an audience.

In the case of Engberg, it was not difficult for him to enter the world of Juana Bautista, because it was something he already knew thanks to his mother. “She was very mystical, she was a Mayan astrologer and she did regressions and alternative therapies. From a very young age I was very close to the faith, ” said the actress from Mexico City.

In the series, Juana Valentina takes the lead among her sisters to search for their father, while Manny uses other means to reach him when he realizes that he is closer to his father without knowing it. Las Juanas face femicides and sexual violence, but none stop.

“I feel that women already bring that chip, we no longer remain silent. I think the series proposes this type of women … who go forward, who are survivors ”, said Zuria

La Venganza de las Juanas Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew