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Kielergata Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online


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Kielergata Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

Creators: Stig Frode Henriksen, Jesper Sundnes, Patrik Syversen

Stars: Thorbjørn Harr, Andrea Bræin Hovig, Ylva Fuglerud

Review: I would like to see another Norwegian series in an ever-increasing series jungle. That promises good!

Do you have secrets that you do not want your next ones to find out? With the accompanying fear of being revealed? Only the Fear is the driving force of Kielergata TV’s new initiative on the show fronts. It works by the way, especially when combined with some psychological depths in some mysterious inhabitants in the small town of Slusvik. Here we speak more of a real psychological thriller than crime. It is said that life is a scene where we get a glimpse of who we are when the stage lighting is off.

One who lives with such fear of revealing his dark past is Jonas Schulman (Thorbjørn Harr). He drags drastically when he is squeezed into a corner and fears that his dark past will be revealed to the world. What he leads leads to a grotesque and new secret, which he has to bear next to what he has been wearing for years on his neighbor. With one he is in an identity crisis. He met who he wants to be. An internal identity conflict with a brutal outcome. Will he close his noses? And what kind of dark past does he really have?

We have a series in form and sound that I missed in Norwegian. Assuming I’ve only seen the first two episodes provided to the reviewer. There are things to relate to, but the direction and the performance are such that I want to drop the champagne.

Well Done in the Battle for the Norwegian Drama
I consider myself as an old-fashioned serial radio that wants to focus on the positives of the show instead of dwelling on the negatives and becoming choppy and pedantic. Nevertheless, it is even more difficult and difficult to get excited, because with the amount of quality series you get both a little saturated and cramped. I grew up with a love of American and British entertainment, and that’s why the Norwegian drama has always made it a bit harder to get me.

Given this situation, I considered it polite to make myself more and more impressive about finding out about the Norwegians. Especially on the commercial channels have the sleeves folded up.

Norwegian series captains are underdogs and then you get a little more desire to cheer them on. The Norwegian Drama production has been revised from time to time, and it’s not easy to be endowed with series by Netflix, Amazon, HBO and others in recent years that are now much easier to access due to flow technology. They run in a different league with completely different conditions.

In this match, it is primarily for established channels such as TV 2, NRK and TV3 to attend to the Norwegian Drama production, with good contributions from TVNorge at the Comedy Fountain alongside a genre, we mastered Norwegians much better , especially NRK) . Even though we send out hundreds of millions of newcomers every year through Norwegian subscribers, such as Netflix and HBO Nordic, nobody will accuse the “invading actors” of blocking money in Norwegian productions. It’s only the next couple of years that we get series from this fringe.

The channels, along with Viaplay, had to make the most of a difficult situation and continue the drama production. With limited resources, there will be series that battle the series that typically spend more on individual episodes than the most expensive Norwegian series for a whole season.

Based on what I saw Kielergata That’s why they were happy with the finished product. The series can be a ray of light in this way. Because after two episodes it creaks, after it has seen more. I can not remember that I have recently experienced this for two Norwegian series in a short time (the other is But Bergenwhich is a completely different form of bar and sound.)

Kielergata is a bit like A Norwegian better reputation Saul
Kielergata focuses more on seeking out the psychological armor of the characters rather than trying to be a relevant social commentary. It’s a much more demanding exercise and I admire every scriptwriter who can do it. Here it probably means that it is a trio (Patrik Syversen, Jesper Sundnes and Stig Frode Henriksen). If done correctly, we get amazing visual experiences like The Sopranos Breaking Bad andBetter Call Saul . Kielergata is probably the Norwegian series that I can best handle, at least in the drama category ( Dag does the same, but in a mood swap).

It is mentioned ] Better Call Saul which could be the best basis for comparison. For the startling American series, which may well be the best streaming streaming / TV this year, there are some scenes that characterize the character “Saul Goodman” several years after the Breaking Bad incident Showing identity and the fear of being recognized . The scenes are few, but they are incredibly rewarding.

A similar starting point is in Kielergata . The protagonist Jonas lives a new life. His old life is deleted. Why do not we know first and there is an extra layer of mystery story. Jonas keeps his head low, has started a family and knows peace and no danger. But then a neighbor begins to sneak in and finds out that there are more in the neighborhood that have a history of logical flaws. Among other things, Jonas, who then becomes active. His drastic reaction becomes the catalyst that takes the thriller seriously.

During the first two episodes, we experience Jonas facing the new threat, in addition to his background of his wicked past. It takes time to establish the environment, and the series frees itself from soap series, dynamics and moralization. This is about how Jonas is influenced by the situation he is in now, the register dominates and it is good.

It does not dare to be as painful as the work mentioned above Better Call Saul It is enough to give the series a sense of self-respect. As a viewer, you are sure that you will not be treated as a total idiot, although there are some parts of the action that focus heavily on coincidence to fuel the excitement. Not the whole script is used to it, but the story goes well with the fact that there’s probably no oasis of Twitter harrying about what’s going on. We treat some abbreviations ourselves.

Harr with nerve-racking successes
In such series there is an additional responsibility for the main roles and roles. There is something extra necessary for it to work, because the psyche and personality must step into the driver’s seat so that the characters make the decisions that drive the story in an exciting way.

Fortunately, Thorbjørn Harr is a driving force in his best work in the moments when he reflects and reacts. It is in the quiet moment that we see that Harr has something special to offer, as Bryan Cranston as Walter Whitei episode for Episode of Breaking Bad and Bob Odenkirk as Emmy winner in Call Saul . I do not doubt that Harr got directly involved in this series, so he also has his business in a more action-oriented Vikings

Jonas’ motivation is a bit more cryptic against Whites bitterness and Saul’s complexes. He is ready to go far to stick to his new facade. Why is it going to be exciting to see? For Kristoffer Joner, it’s probably particularly bitter that he had to retire from injury after being injured while recording Skjelvet because Harr was really a pleasure to play.

Other rolling galleries are mostly left with scenes of dialogue, and in the tradition I believe that during the dialogues I fight most with Norwegian series – though this is one of the better ones. There are many exciting residents I would like to get to know, I hope they will be able to conquer the screen, as Harr does. Andrea Bræin Hovig is promising in the role of Jonas’ roommate, while Ylva Lyng Fuglerud, like Sofie, gives a fresh new breath. She is – like most Norwegian teenagers – a master at confronting the whole world with her First World problem, which is a somewhat absurd twist on a cat. There is a danger of revealing Jonah’s final appearance. Maybe a bit small, but at the same time it makes Jonas suddenly and unpredictably in a nerve-racking exciting scene.

Steady actors such as Johan Rheborg, Anneke von der Lippe, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal and others also appear in promising roles. Ambitious and Daring by TV 2

I’m not sure how the series is shot by a regular television viewer who is usually used to Norwegian dramas that get a little bit faster and generate excitement and action-driven crime. Similarly, NRK triedValkyrien and did not complete it, it never became a big conversation. In this series, I missed the fact that it embraced the psychological thriller aspect to a greater extent than it seems Kielergata could do. I trust that Kielergata keeps cooking and will not disappoint in the next eight episodes. This is a series that requires a little more patience and trust. Then the reward will be even bigger for us viewers (or the disappointment, the bigger if it does not keep up the level).

It may also be that this is another series about a man of about 40 years with anti-vibrator is characteristic Norwegian drama as well as American in recent years. Just as it has become a familiar cliché, but as the series envelops familiar feelings and experiences such as fear, shame and secrecy in a mysterious atmosphere, I hardly notice.

TV 2 does not do a lot of series because it eats enough sports, reality and news for much of the budget pie. There is little room for failure, unlike Netflix, who wants to develop a new series this week. Kielergatais a little out of order with regard to the demographics of the channel and thus the most daring series they have produced, perhaps with the exception of Okkupert (whom they have barged at Viaplay because of this operation) had to pass) was too expensive). But maybe a slightly smaller story is the way to go, because here’s the right amount of moving parts for producers and directors (Patrik Syversen and the experienced Cecilie Mosli).

Such a solid start must be I’m not as worried as I am of other Norwegian comics that start promising. It would be a bit easier to rate the quality of the series with an episode that needs to be completed, so it’s a small caveat. However, if the series were going in the wrong direction, I would be a little more annoyed than usual, because that’s a good starting point. I hope and think that this is a Norwegian drama that is taking new steps and that TV 2 dares to continue such series.

The review is based on the first two episodes. Kielergata is premiered on Thursday, October 18, on television 2 in. 09.40 p.m ..

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Kielergata Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online