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Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online


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Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

It was a crime that no one saw coming and those who saw it preferred to keep mum. And it all stemmed from the popularity and adulation of the man involved who was almost a national icon in Britain at one point in time. Spread over two episodes, ‘Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story’ charts the journey of the much-adored man from his rise to dizzying heights to his eventual fall when close to 400 cases of sexual harassment cases were reported against Jimmy Savile. The material that’s part of this crime documentary series makes a fabulous watch. This documentary too follows a similar trajectory that we witnessed a few months back in ‘We Need to Talk About Cosby’, the documentary that traced the fall of Bill Cosby.

The makers slowly build up the charisma of Jimmy Savile and introduce viewers to the nature of immense popularity he enjoyed while he hosted blue-chip BBC shows like ‘Top of the Pops’ and ‘Bill’ll Fix It’. The documentary for the first time shows viewers footage that was not seen before. The never before seen footage includes him winning the best British DJ award for the first time, hosting a Rolling Stones gig, his bachelor pad, his close proximity to the then Prime Minister Margret Thatcher and members of the royal family (Prince Charles and Diana Spencer) and to top it all, it also has the footage of the hospital and asylum where he turned into a predator.

The documentary includes interviews with people who were instrumental in exposing Jimmy Savile’s wrongdoings. The tireless work of Meirion Jones to expose the man, hidden nuggets from Alison Bellamy, the reporter who wrote an authorised biography of the broadcaster (the book was published three months before he was exposed), Sam Brown and Karin Ward – both victims and Mike Hames, former head of the national paedophile unit help giving this documentary a structured and a linear format.

During his entire public life, Jimmy remained an enigma and no one could say anything with certainty about his personal life. The media were simply clueless about his close friends and whether he had a girlfriend or not. His popularity had shot through the roof in the 80s, so much so that both the royal family and the Prime Minister began consulting him on important matters. Margret Thatcher was so enamoured by the charm of the man that apart from being featured in one of the episodes of ‘Jim’ll Fix It’, she tirelessly campaigned for his knighthood which he eventually received in 1990. In the first part of the documentary, Jimmy Savile is shown as a man who wore multiple hats – a miner, porter at the hospital, wrestler apart from being a much-loved DJ and BBC broadcaster. He raised close to 40 million pounds for the construction of Stoke Mandeville Hospital in his hometown Leeds which at that point was also the biggest charity exercise that Britain had ever seen.

The final thirty minutes of the documentary completely rip apart the man based on pieces of evidence and testimony of those who suffered at the hands of Jimmy Savile. Most of the victims came forward only after his death in 2011 and he was just not there to defend himself. But it was the recorded tapes that became his undoing and themselves became fodder as proof against the man. This second part of the documentary is not an easy watch and will make you uncomfortable. Victims in graphic detail describe his modus operandi enough to make anyone squirm. This classic only proves the old adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The crime documentary because of its length and never-seen-before footage makes it a compelling watch.

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online