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How to Be A Cowboy Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew


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How to Be A Cowboy Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew

Star: Dale Brisby

Dale Brisby is a cowboy through and through. About eight years ago he started to document everyday farm life on his Radiator Ranch in short, funny videos on YouTube. Especially recently, these have received more attention, also in combination with his Instagram posts, which ultimately led to his own Netflix series, How to Be a Cowboy . This arouses associations with Joe Exotic , who came to Netflix in a similar way with big cats and their predators , especially since both protagonists have a certain eccentric nature in common. The dramaturgy of the two series, however, is completely different, while big cats and their predatorsfocused on the True Crime aspect, How to Be a Cowboy is content with providing the viewer with a good way to pass the time. In six handy 25-minute episodes we accompany Dale and his brother Leroy , along with other ranchers such as Cowboy Cheech or trainee Jorden , at rodeo competitions, bull riding or horse riding.

While the glimpses into the life of a modern cowboy are interesting and educational, the series is mostly carried by Dale Brisby. The charismatic bon vivant is never at a loss for a cool saying, cracks his jokes and antics, and is on top of that competent in what he does; His passion for passing on his knowledge to future generations can also be clearly felt. His tendency to ironic overconfidence is conveyed in the first episode when he introduces his ranch as the largest in Texas, but is quickly corrected offscreen:

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Radiator Ranch, the largest ranch in Texas! I haven’t fact checked that, but I imagine it’s probably true. “
” I looked it up. It’s not the largest. “
” It’s no- okay, well you … prob- I mean, who believes the internet anyway? “

Such scenes may be staged – as was the call from Dale’s mother when he was ranting about the fact that cowboys are independent and do what they want – which shouldn’t be surprising in a reality show, especially since they are entertaining. The authentic scenes are in no way inferior to them in terms of entertainment, and they also follow a certain educational mandate.

It was a good decision to keep the series short with few episodes and short run time. On the one hand, she can keep her focus, on the other hand, the successful pacing encourages bingewatching and awakens the desire for two, three or seven more seasons; the ranch life of Brisby & Co. deserves more attention and gives the impression of never being boring.

How to Be A Cowboy Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew