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Foundation Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew


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Foundation Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew

The Foundation books hold a special place in my life much like it has for millions of people. I remember it being my gateway into enjoying reading for the first time in my life.

This is the reason I am so disappointed in the so-called fans of the book rating this TV show so low. It has only been two episodes and a one star review means you want it to fail. You want producers and investors to see the negative reactions to one of the most expensive science fiction peices of art, and reconsider any future investment.

The book already exists and will never get a 1:1 translation to film. We need to set realistic expectations of what is possible during our lifetime in film.

My experience watching the show was amazement at all the details. Having a science background it is difficult for me to watch hand waving explanations that are unbelievable. Thus far they have gotten enough right that I can suspend my disbelief and that’s what matters to me.

The spaceships are gorgeously designed. The costumes are wonderfully weird. The characters are fascinating and different. The set peices are dizzyingly complex. It is more than enough to pull me in and drop me into a new galaxy just as the books have.

I am not upset by character changes. I’d like to think Asimov would’ve been delighted his story will now appeal to a larger audience. The dialog is solid enough and does not talk down to the audience.

For those who’ve read the books, I recommend this show as a supplement, not a replacement. I also recommend it to whoever has not read the books as an amazing story that should be followed by reading the books.

Foundation Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew