December 7, 2022

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Entertaining Movies

Forever Queens Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Forever Queens Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Netflix’s Mexican reality show Forever Queens (Siempre Reinas) brings the life of four divas with different yet overpowering personalities who are brought together for a special project. The reality series follows show biz icons Lucía Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata and Lorena Herrera who share bits of their personal lives while going through with the project’s ups and downs.

The reality show brings a lot of drama to us as these public personalities are brought together to record a song. But will it be easy for these four empowered women to work together as a team? Let’s find out!

The reality show takes us into the lives of four divas Lucía Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata and Lorena Herrera who are each very accomplished women connected to the entertainment industry. However, they are all facing traumas from the past or problems of the present that we follow throughout the show.

But this is not all, when singer and songwriter José Luis Roma comes to them with a proposal to create a song with the four queens, the ladies are excited and take over this project. However, challenges and drama enter the scene when Lucía Méndez and Laura Zapata have a fallout.

Reality shows with such strong female personalities will definitely contain a lot of drama, in fighting, being the villain in a friend circle and more such elements to bring out the entertainment. With a goal that focuses the show on something and brings out everything else on the way to this goal, this is exactly what these shows are all about.

Forever Queens did the same thing, however, instead of taking younger or hot celebrities, this show went ahead to bring legends of the industry. The women in this show are top divas but they are also grandmothers and mothers who have a life outside the entertainment circle which is filled with warmth for them all.

And this brings our attention to the villainous role that some of them have had to play through the show which is screaming that these scenes are scripted because no one can be this dense on a reality show. On the other hand, these women have had to bring out their personal lives in the open and it is their confidence in showing their raw emotions that provide the entertainment that pulled us to this show.

Another thing to add up is the involvement of the therapist in the show, which is promoting the importance of taking care of our mental health. To me, this part of the show was more like encouraging people towards accepting therapy because the way they showed it on this show was more like an advertisement than an actual session.

Altogether, if you like reality television dramas like Keeping Up with the Kardashians or The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and so on, then this is the show for you. While it may not reach that mark, it is just a reference to let you know what kind of a show it is. It has got drama, fights, making-up, and a music video that will make you wanna dance.

This show is a reality show for those who like drama, be it the kind that is thrown around by a diva or the kind that has two friends getting into a fight. You will get it from this show, though it may be a little awkward getting such stories from women who can be your mother or grandmother. But it is still an entertainer that lets you know that legends will forever be legends and these queens are exactly that.

Altogether, these divas really deserve the respect that they’ve been given and the music video that they’ve worked so hard on was really a treat.

Forever Queens Movie Review Poster Trailer Online