Fightworld Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online
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Fightworld Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online


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Fightworld Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

Star: Frank Grillo

Review: Fightworld is a five part documentary series hosted and narrated by American actor Frank Grillo. Each episode takes the viewer into the world of a specific countries most prominent combat sport/training.

In my opinion Fightworld has the perfect host/narrator for the series as Grillo has experience in mixed martial arts and has a clear passion for the sport as well. Fightworld also provides an in depth explanation into certain styles of fighting society have not been exposed to, this can be great in educating people on fighting as well as broadening their minds on their religious views. Fightworld also provides good enough content for people who want to travel as they do film in five different countries.

Fightworld is the perfect documentary series for people who are starting to train in the sport of mixed martial arts. A series that gives well needed respect to an astounding art form.Frank Grillo is an actor and a fighter. The Captain America star has fought for more than 20 years, and his passion for the sport has found its way into his career on more than one occasion, most recently when he played Alvey Kulina for four seasons on DirecTV’s Kingdom. Alvey was a fighter-turned-trainer-turned-fighter-again whose life revolved around the cage. The role gave Grillo an opportunity to put his years of training to work on the screen.

And now, Grillo has found a new way to explore his passion for fighting on screen. In FightWorld, Grillo hosts a docuseries that travels the world in order to explore different traditions and methods of fighting, as well as the cultures in which those traditions have evolved. The series will travel to the likes of Israel, Thailand, Myanmar, and Mexico to learn about different fighting styles and the people who use them.

Frank Grillo makes an enthusiastic host in Netflix’s new original documentary series Fightworld. The 53-year-old actor is shredded, grizzled, and a lifelong fight fan; the perfect guide for a five-part tour through the world’s richest fighting cultures.

Fightworld, contrary to the title, puts the fighting last. Of more immediate concern are the fighters themselves and their diverse cultures – what compels them to fight in the first place, and what fighting means to people who are often disenfranchised and marginalized. In Mexico City, rife with substance abuse, major crimes and economic disparity, Grillo is introduced to a number of well-known Mexican boxers – including Julio César Chávez – and the inimitable Mexican style of willingly getting hit and having the heart to move forwards no matter what.

It’s the idea of committing yourself to the martial arts as a means of betterment and self-improvement that’s a constant theme in Fightworld, and it’s reiterated throughout. You see it in teenage Thai boxers, who’re being savagely berated by their coaches, and in giant Senegalese wrestlers. The compulsion is always the same; through hardship and sacrifice and learning comes success, but also a better life for yourself and your family, free of vices and temptations.

The fifth episode, which concerns the Israeli discipline of Krav Maga, doesn’t feel entirely of a piece with the others, as it mostly abandons these overarching themes in favour of a slightly flowery utopian ideal of the martial arts uniting people of all races, religions and creeds, and the focus on a purely utilitarian art like Krav Maga – which is practised by the Israeli military, and is designed to kill people as quickly and efficiently as possible – lacks some of the cultural insight that comes from, say, Muay Thai, or Myanmar’s native sport Lethwei (otherwise known as “Burmese bareknuckle boxing.”)

Nevertheless, Fightworld is a short, interesting series that helps to dispel some of the illusions that fighting – whether simply learning to or actually doing so – is purely the domain of thugs and bullies. There’s nobility and humility to the martial arts which Fightworld captures admirably, particularly through Grillo’s willingness to embrace the ideas presented to him. I’d like to see a second season. Something tells me he would too.


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Fightworld Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online