March 23, 2023

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Entertaining Movies

Fearless 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Cast Crew Online

Fearless 2020 Movie

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Fearless 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Cast Crew Online

Director: Cory Edwards

Writers: Cory Edwards (screenplay by), John Paul Murphy (screenplay by)

Stars: Yara Shahidi, Miles Robbins, Miguel

Fearless cast: Gabrielle Union, Yara Shahidi, Miles Robbins. Fearless Release Date: 14 August 2020 (Netflix). Fearless Director: Cory Edwards. Fearless is looking full of Animation, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi. Now I,m going to tells you all about Fearless (2020).

Fearless is an Animation-Comedy Movie (2020). Gabrielle Union, Yara Shahidi, Miles Robbins are the main cast of Fearless (2020). Reid, an enthusiastic video gamer and by and large good-for-nothing, is going to open the hardest computer game level on Earth… looking after children! Fearless shows up August 14, just on Netflix!

It was a blast helping create this world on the page. Now You get to see it come to life on the screen thanks to an incredible team. Available on Netflix starting August 14th! A wonderful time providing the voices for a handful of supporting characters in my friend John Murphy’s film Fearless, coming to Netflix on August 14. Congrats to John & the team that helped bring his script to life!

I remember when I was younger and I first got a taste of online gaming. It was still a new concept back then but it hooked you in from the offset. I would constantly be battling with my parents over dinner time — they did not understand that I couldn’t just quit a game. I had a record to maintain and quitting would make me look rather bad. Looking back, it was clearly an irrational moment — kill streaks, win records meaning nothing now (unless you are a wealthy gamer streamer and found yourself a niche). The first 10-minutes of Fearless is highly relatable as it reminds you of your younger days of being pestered while gaming; even though it’s a family film aiming for the kids — I got it.

Fearless brings a scenario whereby the gaming characters come to life and enter your world. What would you do? Is the entire objective still to win or would there be newer priorities, i.e. a young girl you have a crush on coming around to do a school project together? That’s the reality the lead character is facing in the Netflix film but as the gaming world folds out into the real one, the stakes heighten.

So what you essentially have is an action-adventure film that sees the characters navigating in the outside world while trying to find a way of not getting into trouble as the gaming elements seemingly become more aggressive. The Netflix film spends a large portion of its time showing screen time from the gaming itself so the audience can get a sense of who the hero and villain are.

Netflix’s Fearless is not special, nor will it be remembered, but for a family experience, this is certainly a story that you can watch together if there’s nothing else on.

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Fearless 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Cast Crew Online