Extinct 2021 Movie Review
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Extinct 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online


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Extinct 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

We’re getting more of these sino-Netflix productions and I must say I am impressed with how much they improve on China’s other attempts in animated fun during the last decade.

A professional, pacy, lively and adorable adventure awaits in a movie that could have so easily gone down the path of mawkish ecology but knows how to keep it fun.

Expect tons of anatomical gags but they don’t detract from the delightful dynamic of live wire and her neurotic brother. At the heart of the story is a relationship where both members have to re-assess the way they treat or regard their sibling and it’s all actually pretty satisfying.

Very visually beautiful with superb character designs, radiant back grounds and slick animation for its visual humor, my only real negative is how in the middle act they devote too much time to this quest through these time portals. It’s a bit too much like a Mario game, you know?

But overall I was pleasantly surprised by this free-spirited no-brainer adventure that even has a song.

Extinct 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online