August 13, 2022

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Elinor Wonders Why Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Elinor Wonders Why Review 2020 Tv

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Elinor Wonders Why Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Creators: Jorge Cham, Daniel Whiteson

Stars: Markeda McKay, Maria Nash, Wyatt White

Parents of children between the ages of 3 and 6 looking to supplement their children’s education this fall will have a new option starting September 7, with Elinor Wonders Why joining the PBS Kids lineup.

Elinor Wonders Why is a STEM-based cartoon series created by Daniel Whiteson, a physicist and astronomer, and Jorge Cham, a cartoonist and robotics engineer. They’re both parents of small children, so they understand how to encourage curiosity through science and how to break down complex concepts.

Cham is the cartoonist behind PhD Comics, a webcomic dedicated to PhD student humor. Cham and Whiteson have been partners for years, working together on projects that blend science and humor, including YouTube videos, a science book, and a podcast. Linda Simensky, head of content for PBS Kids, had been a fan of their work, and when the opportunity to create a preschool science show that focuses on biomimicry came up, she figured they’d be great for the job.

“Biomimicry is basically taking things that you learn in nature and in the outdoors and in the natural world, and using them for inventions and for innovation science,” says Simensky. “The classic example that they use in the pilot is how Velcro was designed. Basically, it was inspired by someone getting burdock stuck to his pants, and that’s what inspired Velcro, so that’s the classic example of finding something in nature that solves a problem that you need to solve in real life.”

Elinor Wonders Why centers around Elinor (named after Cham’s daughter), a curious and observant rabbit living in Animal Town who goes on various adventures. In the upcoming premiere, Elinor plays hide-and-go-seek with her friends and finds out how animals hide in nature. She investigates an odd nighttime sound made by an owl and realizes how fascinating other creatures in nature are as she explores colors, sights, sounds, and other concepts that can be applied to everyday life.

Fast Company caught up with Linda Seminksy, Jorge Cham, and Daniel Whiteson to chat about their journey of breaking down science and encouraging curiosity for preschoolers.

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Elinor Wonders Why Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online