Dogs Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online
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Dogs Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online


Dogs Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

Creators: Glen Zipper

Stars: Beth, Carly, Corinne

Review: From shows about everything from autism to money laundering, it honestly feels like the machine that is Netflix can make a series about anything. Now, that sentiment has been put to the ultimate test with the streamer’s latest docu-series, Dogs.

As one might insinuate from the title, Dogs is a non-fiction anthology series following the life and journey of various canines across the globe that range from Middle America service animals to Syrian refugees.

The easiest and what will likely become the most common thing to say about Dogs is that it indeed proves Netflix can make a show about anything. At the end of the day, Dogs is, in fact, nothing more than a show about dogs, for dog lovers everywhere.

But, it is worth noting that while the series has the unfortunate burden of being “the dog show” on Netflix, it does so with class. It is, by far, the best version of the series we possibly could have gotten. And, the various stories do open us up to the lives of multiple human beings with interesting stories to tell, such as the two examples noted previously – one that follows a young girl suffering from extreme epilepsy getting her first service animal, and a Syrian refugee trying to get the dog he had to leave behind out of the war-torn country and into Germany.

Dogs is a manipulative, one-note series but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a success. It’s hard to imagine anyone on the creative side was hoping to get any more out of the subject matter than what is seen in the final product.

It’s a show with heart and love and, honestly, will do very well come Thanksgiving time when parents the country over need to sit their children down in front of a TV screen for a few hours while turkeys cook and soup boils. It’s not an accident the series is coming out when it is.

As for the idea Dogs will end up fueling the annals of digital cynics for years to come, there is simply no way around that. But, who cares. When you can make a series called Dogs, about various dogs owned by human beings with interesting stories to tell, who cares if some random tweeter or blogger gets annoyed the money isn’t being spent on a reboot of the next long forgotten seventies drama?

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Dogs Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

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