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Dogs in Space Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew


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Dogs in Space Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew

That Corgi, whose name is Garbage (Haley Joel Osment), is the risk-taking captain of the Pluto, one of the many exploratory shuttles staffed by genetically enhanced dogs. Their mission is to find a new, inhabitable planet for their humans, who as we all know biffed on keeping Earth inhabitable a long time ago.

Garbage is about to give this large, green globby alien a phaser when it goes off. This, of course, ticks off the globby alien, who attacks. Coming to Garbage’s aid is Stella (Sarah Chalke), a Shetland sheepdog who is Garbage’s more practical first officer; Nomi (Kimiko Glenn), a shih tzu pilot who shoots first and asks questions later; smart tactical officer Chonies (David Lopez), a chihuahua who can do things like generate a shield bubble around himself; Ed (Chris Parnell), a Jack Russell terrier who likes to steal things; and Loaf (William Jackson Harper), a nervous surveillance officer who is stationed back on the Embark, the main ship.

After the disaster of a meeting, the crew of the Pluto finds what looks like a perfect planet, but not one that’s on any charts. They have to go back to the Embark to refuel, but first Garbage has to deal with rival captain, a poodle named Happy (JP Karliak). He’s on the Council ruling the ship, and Garbage’s recklessness is about to get him and the crew suspended. But that mysterious planet is begging to be explored. So Garbage cooks up a plan to sneak out, with some help from Ed and Loaf back on the Embark.

Dogs In Space is geared towards kids (it’s rated TV-Y7), but it certainly has a lot of nods towards the sci-fi lovers who are those kids’ parents. Like another kid-oriented space series that recently debuted, Star Trek: Prodigy, the characters created by Jeremiah Cortez are well-defined from the outset, and the comedy balances physical gags that will get the kids guffawing with character-based lines that make the adults laugh.

We were definitely surprised how many times we laughed out loud during the first episode, something we don’t really do with even the more sophisticated kid-oriented animated series. It’s because of things like Garbage’s earnestness, Loaf’s constant anxiety, Chonies’ puppy-pleasing nature, Ed’s sneakiness, Stella’s frustrated support of her captain, and Nomi’s overall craziness. It’s those character traits, shown in ways that don’t talk down to the audience watching, are what make Dogs In Space entertaining and will hook kids from 7 to, well, however old we are.

Like many current cartoons aimed towards older kids, Dogs In Space isn’t content with just giving its audience a self-contained story in every episode. It’s a continuing story, with smaller subplots that have the closure some kids might need. Here, it’s a smart idea, because the dogs are on a mission to find a new planet for their humans, who they’re still very loyal to despite being genetically modified to be smarter than us. When Garbage longs to see his person again as he sits in his chambers, the emotional stakes of the show are pretty apparent. We hope that aspect of the story continues to be a big part of what drives the action and comedy.

Dogs in Space Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew