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Detention Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Detention Review 2020 Tv Show

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Detention Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Stars: Cheng-Ping Chao, Serena Fang, Ning Han

Red Candle Games are perhaps best known for Devotion getting into trouble with the Chinese government, but they also, y’know, made decent video games. One of those, the high school horror Detention, has now spawned a live-action series on Netflix. It started this weekend, and after seeing the first two episodes, sure, I’ll keep watching. Oh, and they have a new game coming.

While the game was set at Greenwood High School during Taiwan’s 38 years under martial law, which ended in 1987, the show takes place there in the 1990s. Without spoiling much, the series is still built on that original setting, with its spookings crawling out of the ‘White Terror’ period into the slightly-more-present day. I’m not sure directly that historical strand is adapted from the game (it’s been a while) but hey, it doesn’t need to be – I’m enjoying Detention the show as its own thing.

It is a tough one to recommend because 1) I’m not yet sure how the spookings will shake out 2) my time is essentially worthless. It could collapse into cliché or it could do something cool and interesting, but I’m into it so far. I mean, let’s not pretend I’d stop watching if it was just the usual ghostly goings-on, but it would be a shame. The series is eight episodes long, and two will arrive on Netflix each Saturday until the 26th.

“Despite a heavy dollop of Silent Hill, it’s a horror game unlike anything else I’ve played thanks to the smart use it makes of its historical setting,” our former Adam (RPS in peace) said in his Detention review back in 2017. “If you’re interested in thoughtful, fearsome games, don’t let this one slip by.”

Detention previously spawned a novel adaptation and a live-action film. And unlike Devotion, you can still buy Detention. It’s available on Steam and from the publisher.

Red Candle teased this weekend that “the studio has been busy working on our new game.” No hints as to what that is, but they say “Hopefully we can share more info with you soon!”

Detention is based on a popular video game of the same name, and the first episode only scratches the surface about what’s actually going on at Greenwood High School, both in the ’60s and in the ’90s.

The idea is that the school is still operating under the People’s Party “Cultural Revolution” parameters from the ’60s, where dissenters were purged and literature censored. Ruixin is going to bring Yunxiang into her world to show her the struggle that she and the rest of her revolutionaries went through, to try to change how conservative the school still is.

But in the first episode, all we see is a student who is flummoxed by how old-fashioned things are at Greenwood, and a “rebellious” student who seems to be the only one she can relate to. There’s some tension there, of course, mainly having to do with the existence of Ruixin’s ghost and what she’s capable of. But since most of the first episode is more setup and less an advancement of the story, we’re still in the dark (almost literally, as most scenes are dimly-lit) at the end of it.

The performances are mostly fine, though no one particularly distinguishes themselves from anyone else. But performances aren’t key on a show like Detention Is it scary? Not quite yet, but there’s lots of potential for scares as the series goes along.

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Detention Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online