Das Boot Review 2018 TV-Show
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Das Boot Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online


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Das Boot Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online

Creators: Johannes W. Betz, Tony Saint

Stars: Vicky Krieps, Tom Wlaschiha, Thierry Frémont

Review:37 years after the height of the u-boat war in WWII we got “Das Boot” in 1981. Now what did we get 37 years after the original 6 hours mini-series?

Some potpourri that breaks with the formula and introduces new things nowbody asked for.

The main problem with this “sequel” is that it tries so hard in pleasing everybody it ultimately is a total wreck. Instead of telling a good compelling story of the on board life of u-boat crewmen they shoved in as much garbage they could come up with. And… Women! Honestly, what would a submarine story be without women? A Nazi submarine obviously needs diversity. It feels so out of place now I am just waiting for a gay relationship on board to be revealed. Sure, there gotta be a resistance movement forcefully tied into the plot, because… reasons. And in case anyone forgot the Nazis were evil, there gotta be this one really badly written clichée guy who ironically is the acting highlight among all the other stiff and thin characters. Everyone is in a bad mood on board and there is constant fighting because… the writer needed drama to spice up the boring plot and had no idea this was “the golden age” for the u-boats and the crews were handpicked volunteers. Also it is historically highly inaccurate which results from the fact the story that plays in 1942 borrows material from the book “Die Festung” (The Fortress) which plays in 1945. The ultimate letdown is the “resistance sidestory” which takes up more screentime than the boat on sea and is beside a plot 1001 times told before something nobody asked for watching it but gives an excuse to show boobs at random.

Recommendation: Rewatch the original mini-series and let this one sink to the bottom were it belongs. Also suggested to anyone who was involved in the production of this misery to teach them how to produce a good drama series since they could not even come in the same ocean with the original masterpiece over 37 years of experience in film making later.

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Das Boot Review 2018 TV-Show Series Cast Crew Online