Cloak & Dagger Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online
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Cloak & Dagger Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online


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Cloak & Dagger Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Creators: Joe Pokaski

Stars: J.D. EvermoreOlivia HoltAubrey Joseph

Review: Starting here I would like to say that Cloak & Dagger is Marvel’s most serious property released till date! As the titles suggests, it’s a real game-changer in the super hero movies/series era, by being a social/drama series which ALSO contains super hero material. It truly manages to capture correctly many different social aspects of everyday life that exist out there. Many people cope with ’em, but no other series will go that deep in exploring them and their outcomes on people’s characters. Subjects like parenting, teenage life, crimes and drugs, are heavily covered by the shows first two episodes.

The writing and plot manage to move smoothly from scene to scene, without making the viewer feel bored. Dialogues are also well-written. Cinematography & Photography are equally good with Netflix’s shows. The CGI manages to keep it at the usual Marvel TV levels = totally good (focusing mainly on Cloak’s cloak and Dagger’s daggers). Beautiful sound design, coming along with a lovable soundtrack. The acting is pretty good from main characters, especially Cloak & Dagger, just nominate these kids already!

For the record , i was actually a reader of the comics back when they first came out, but i understand that adaptions and changes need to be made. That’s not the issue. Comparisons to the Runaways are fair, but that had an intriguing story and more interesting characters . This show, even when they try to turn the status quo on it’s head it’s still predicable are tiresome. I will say I think the 2 leads to a pretty good job, especially the guy who plays Tyrone. Tandy is a somewhat unlikable character , but that’s more down to the writing.

The show is predictable , very slow and really more a teen drama than any type of superhero show. As i suspected , the couple don’t really become ‘Cloak & Dagger ‘ until right at the end and even then i feel it’s not really fully formed yet. This first season seems way too padded , like they didn’t want to get to super heroics until the finale episode. After the pilot it’s 8 episodes of padding with very little plot progression but plenty of teen angst The ridiculous zombie inspired finale is truly terrible with the , you guessed it, beam of light up in the sly cliche . I wasn’t a big fan of the mystical , voodoo type B story line, though i’ll give it credit for trying something different to other hero fare. it’s not Inhumans level bad, but even Agents of Shield is better than this.

I would only hope for more action sequences in the end of the day, but by maintaining the show’s style & character they way they are now is breathing a fresh air of uniqueness for this show.In a nutshell, everything is tying together MARVELously in this show! If you’re looking for a deeper show than all the other super hero series out there, then there’s your go!

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Cloak & Dagger Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online